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Rapid Response - Ukraine

Rapid Response brings together our community of givers to serve global humanitarian emergency situations.

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As the world unites in support of the people of Ukraine, many of our charity partners are perfectly positioned to work alongside those on the frontline.

The full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine has already caused devastating chaos to thousands of people who have lost their homes, their livelihoods and are now fleeing to the western edges and moving across international borders. Stewardship has been working hard to help and support our Christian partners who are working on the ground in Ukraine, many with local churches and field workers who are reaching out to those fleeing war and conflict. In times of huge uncertainty and turmoil, the Church offers Jesus’ love and peace through practical help and a safe place of refuge.

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Ukraine Response: One year on 


Last year Stewardship saw a £2m spike in Ukraine-related giving which included £365k raised by its Ukraine Rapid Response Fund. One year on we reflect on the impact of this generosity on the frontline and appeal for ongoing support. 


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