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Support raising resources

Build your partner team so you have the prayer, financial support and encouragement you need. Look through all we have to offer below.

Get started with our short video series


Watch our short video series, 'What I wish I knew before I started support raising', designed to introduce you to some of the key themes which others wish they knew before they started support raising. 


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Support Raising Training


Our Support Raising Training will help you discover that support-raising is much more than a financial transaction. It's about partnership in the Gospel. You will come away with a plan to grow your support team by at least four new partners. 


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Bible reading

Support Raising Surgery


We follow up the training with a free monthly Support Raising Surgery to bring any questions, challenges or concerns which crop up.


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Personal Support Matters

Personal Support Matters is the revised and updated 2024 edition of the 'Funding the Family Business' workbook which our Support Raising Training is based on.

We advise those who attend the training to continue their support raising journey by using Personal Support Matters. If you are unable to attend our training, we strongly recommend you work through this workbook to build and sustain your support team.