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Creation Care

God has given us the privilege of caring for the world he lovingly created.

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Why Creation Care?

The rapid progress of society has come at a high environmental cost.

Now, we’re at a critical moment in history – as stewards of God’s world, we work to reduce the climate crisis and protect people and planet. How can we live in a way that respects the beauty of God's creation and, crucially, preserves the world's resources for future generations? We have to act now, before we reach a tipping point that’s too difficult to come back from. Our individual actions, lifestyle choices, lobbying organisations and advocating to political leaders will be powerful tools to bring meaningful change.

Why Creation Care is my Cause

2020 turned Flo Wright's life upside down - she wasn't able to do her A-Levels, go inter-railing with friends or attend Bible college in Kenya. But these radical changes led to different ways of investing time.

She listened to climate change podcasts, researched issues around fast fashion and discovered how her faith fueled her passion for sustainable fashion, using her time to sew clothes from recycled materials. 

Watch the video to hear Flo talk about how the pandemic renewed her passion for climate justice.