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You provide the skills, we'll provide the tea and biscuits.


We regularly recruit talented people looking to combine their Christian faith and professional skills to pursue our mission.

And, in exchange for bringing their drive, talent and energy to us, we reward our people with generous salaries, a great work environment, and a host of other benefits.

Consultant accountants - independent contractors

Contracted service

Stewardship provides accounts and independent examination services to a large and growing number of churches and Christian charities. We work to support our clients in navigating the complex world of charity accounts and finance in a Christian context, through a high quality service delivered by experienced accountants and consultants.

All of our services are led and overseen by professionally qualified staff who are responsible for providing exceptional quality service. As our service is growing, we are looking for consultant accountants to join our team to support our accounts examiners. These are flexible roles, where you will be working with Stewardship as an independent contractor. The work involves helping to prepare accounts from clients’ records, doing initial work regarding independent examinations, and liaising with clients to resolve queries.

The ideal candidate would be a qualified accountant (or experienced treasurer) with church or charity finance experience, who is now looking to use that knowledge to support churches and Christian charities. If that’s you, and you have a heart for the church, this might be a perfect fit! You will have a large degree of flexibility in working around other commitments, and this work will mostly be done remotely from your home. Due to the nature of the role (where you will be a self-employed contractor), it could also be very suitable for someone who can, for example, only commit to a number of days a week, or work term-time only.

The role involves providing guidance and support to churches and Christian charities in their specific contexts. Finance and faith come together in a unique way in our clients, and we often engage with pastoral issues through our work – or indeed pray with clients or our wider team as appropriate.

If you are interested in exploring this possibility, please start the conversation by sending a CV to [email protected]

Not found the right job listed?

If there are no current opportunities on this page, or you're not sure the roles listed are right for you, don't fear.

We regularly hear from those exploring a calling into Christian ministry and we are always happy to receive a CV and let you know if a suitable opportunity emerges. Please contact our People team on 020 8502 5600 or email [email protected]