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Sports & Recreation

In all areas of life, sport and recreation unites people and develops community.

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Why Sport and Recreation?

God's not just in church activities, he's in all of life.

Whether its evangelism through football or cycling, or discipleship at events and festivals, there are opportunities to grow in faith and spark conversations about Jesus. Throughout the year, hundreds of thousands of Christians gather at events or seek solitude at retreats, drawing closer to God and seeking fresh vision of his will for our lives and the world. Sports and activities can have such a positive impact, not just on someone’s physical health, but their mental health too. Charities are using recreation as a way to support people across the country.

Christian Work in Sports and Recreation

Peter Martin, Executive Vice Chair of Essential Christian shares his passion for Spring Harvest and the importance of Christian festivals serving and supporting the local church. He shares the challenges of putting on hybrid events and the future of Christian festivals as we emerge into a new world.


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