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Partner account for individuals

Make financial support simple and grow your partner team

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Manage your financial support in one place

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Partner Account for Individuals

For Christian workers and Bible College students 

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The Partner Account for Individuals will help you manage your financial support for living costs and personal ministry expenses in one place. You'll get a range of tools to manage your support, connect with your supporters and develop a team of ministry partners.

As an Individual Partner you’ll have access to our dedicated team who have years of experience in ministry and support raising. We’re here to help you build an effective support team, making your work financially sustainable and ensuring you are well supported in prayer and encouragement.

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We'll handle it for you

We know people like to give in different ways. Whether it's Direct Debit, card, or cheque we will handle all gifts from your supporters and make a monthly payment direct to your bank account, allowing you to plan and manage your finances.

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We’re here to help you

You'll have access to our expert team with many years experience in ministry, mission and support raising. They're just a phone call away and here to help you with your account, and increase your support base through our subsidised Support Raising Training, our free follow up monthly Support Raising Surgery, videos, blogs and more.

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Giving made easy

We make the experience simple for both you and your supporters. You'll receive a unique giving link to enable supporters to make one-off or regular donations in a matter of minutes. For supporters those who prefer paper forms, or if you prefer to not be visible online, there's a PDF support form that can be printed or emailed.

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Get more with Gift Aid

Don't miss out on more support. We'll claim Gift Aid where applicable, boosting your support by 25%.

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Online Account Access

View all gifts made into your Partner Account for Individuals, access supporter details, view breakdowns of our payments to you, check your next payment date or withdraw your balance early.

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Safe Hands

We support over 2,300 individual partners to whom we distribute more than £14.5m per year including over £2.5m Gift Aid.

We're here to help

We have some FAQs below to help you get started. Or check out our Help and Support Centre for everything you need to know about the account and how it works. Our team are also always happy to hear from you and to answer any questions that you might have. 


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Frequently Asked Questions


The Partner Account for Individuals is for those who are:

  • working in Christian work 21 hours a week or more or,
  • undertaking on a one-two year ministry trainee programme, church internship, or similar, or
  • undertaking a course of study at a recognised UK Bible College for at least one academic year to be equipped for Christian work, to be equipped to serve as an effective leader or volunteer in a church setting or to influence your workplace or society with the Christian faith

And rely wholly or partly on support. Find out about our eligibility criteria



As a Christian worker or Bible College student, we will assess whether your work or study and circumstances have charitable purpose. Any funds given to you from a Partner Account are charitable funds given for your living costs or personal ministry expenses, or course fees, to support you to carry out the Christian work or study we have assessed. They cannot be used for any other purposes, for example, employing others, charity project costs, building projects, etc.


Most people can set up support to you easily.

There are restrictions around close relatives giving to the support of individuals. 

Individuals overseas can only give by card.

UK church, charities, trusts or companies can also give for your support, unless you work or volunteer for them.  To set up their giving, churches and charities can open a Giving Account for Churches and Charities. Companies can open an account here



There is a 3.5% fee on most gifts to Stewardship. To give an example, for a gift of £100 we claim £25 Gift Aid. The 3.5% fee is applied to the £125 so the support you receive is £120.63. If the gift is made without Gift Aid we charge a fee of 3% and you would receive support of £97. Find out more about our Giving Account fees


A Partner Account for Individuals has to be in the name of one person who we assess as being eligible to receive charitable funds from us. If you are married, we take this into account when calculating the amount you can receive from us per year. You can also add your spouse as an additional user and in your preferred name, which is the name your supporters will see on your online profile page and support form. Funds you receive are for your support as a household and can be apportioned between you for tax purposes.


If you are a Christian Worker, our understanding and interpretation of tax law is that payments you receive from Stewardship would be subject to UK income tax because of your vocation. We recommend that you seek appropriate professional advice from a tax adviser or HMRC.

If you receive support from Stewardship as a full-time student at a UK Bible college we regard our grants, funded by your supporters, as a bursary for your studies and our understanding is that these grants will not usually be subject to UK income tax. Again, we recommend speaking to a tax adviser or to HMRC.

However, it is your responsibility to ensure you are paying any necessary tax or national insurance. If you are in any doubt about your own personal position in relation to funds you receive from Stewardship, we recommend that you seek appropriate professional advice from a tax adviser.


As a general rule, we can open an account two months prior to commencement of your ministry/study but it can be longer in cases of long term service.


If you already have a Partner Account for Individuals, or if your support is received into a Partner Account for a Church or Charity, you are able to join our Support Raising Training

We also offer our free Support Raising Surgery to support those who have completed the training as they continue on their Support Raising journey. 

Important Information

When you receive funds from Stewardship you are receiving charitable grants, funded by your supporters, to fulfil our charity objectives of advancing evangelical Christianity, relieving poverty or distress, advancing education or otherwise promoting charitable work. Find out more about our eligibility criteria and close relative giving policy. 

eligibility criteria close relative giving policy

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