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Great things happen when people connect with causes close to their heart. Formerly known as give.net, Stewardship's Fundraising tools make it easy for you to raise money for the charities and causes you care about. You'll get your own personal fundraising page making it easy to track donations, encourage support and raise awareness for your chosen charity. We'll take care of online donations, so you can concentrate on making your fundraising challenge a success.

You'll have access to a wealth of fundraising tips and guidance so you can spread the word and maximise your impact. 

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Over 13,000 charities have benefited from more than £14 million raised through Stewardship's Fundraising tools. Start a fundraiser, tell your supporters and make a difference.

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Customise and share your fundraising page with friends and family for online gifts and manually add any offline gifts to your running total.


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When the gifts start rolling in, we'll do the rest. The money you've raised online gets sent directly to your charity with eligible Gift Aid added instantly, so it can be put to good use straight away.

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You'll also get access to the Stewardship Giving Account. A place to create and manage your own, personal, giving portfolio alongside your fundraising pages.


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Maintain and keep track of your fundraising in one place with our online reporting


Purpose over profit

The first fundraising platform for charities, by charity. We're a charity too so we won't profit from your generosity - any surplus is reinvested in our mission.

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Frequently Asked Questions


You can raise money for any charity that is registered with Stewardship. Currently, there are thousands of charities and churches registered to receive funds, but if your chosen charity isn't, it's easy for them to get registered. As we are a Christian charity, under charity law we need to operate within our Christian charitable objectives, and so charities promoting other world religions, or any in direct opposition to Christianity aren't able to register with Stewardship.


We make payments out to recipient charities weekly or monthly, depending on their preference. We work hard to get money out to charities and churches as fast as possible so they can keep doing the work that they do best.


Any gifts already made cannot be refunded and will be paid to your chosen charity, regardless of whether you complete the challenge. Any donations made in error (e.g. duplicate gifts or incorrect amounts) can be refunded.


Very! We use encryption on all aspects of Fundraising on Stewardship and any personal information you send to us is stored securely. All of our online systems are checked regularly to ensure that they conform to current security standards.


We charge a 3% fee on donations made to your fundraiser or 3.5% if they are eligible for Gift Aid. Find out more about our fees