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Global Mission

Jesus says to ‘Go and make disciples of all nations’, so global mission is our calling.

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Why Global Mission?

Some are called to go to far-flung places and some are called to send and support them.

When we give to this cause we fulfil the great commission and aid others in their calling. Whether its urban inner cities or remote rural areas, the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few and many people groups are still unreached. Supporting this cause means that those on the mission field are provided for, freeing them up to dedicate their time and energy to bring the good news about Jesus to those who have never heard it before.



Cally Magahlles

Cally works as a full-time Christian worker in Brazil and set up The Eagle Project to work in youth prisons, helping to stop young people from re-offending. Cally and her team use psychodrama to help those in the program to empathise with their victims. Watch the video to find out more about her and her incredible work.


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