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WONDER Foundation: Human dignity in the midst of war

Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, WONDER has been working alongside Pontes, their local partner in Poland, to support women and children refugees with their basic needs.

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It’s close to two years since the war in Ukraine began and it shows no sign of ending soon. Since February 2022, WONDER has been working with its local partner, Pontes, to support Ukrainian refugees with their short and long-term needs for life in Poland. Specifically, this project is providing support and education to address their trauma, language barriers and isolation, financial and legal insecurity and educational setbacks.

The overwhelming marker of success for this project lies in the significant commitment demonstrated by Ukrainian women - among the most dedicated volunteers are numerous Ukrainian women. The support offered by Pontes is not easily accessible elsewhere.


Two years on

During their recent evaluation visit, WONDER observed how the activities not only offered practical support to Ukrainian women but also provided them with a much-needed space to 'just be people', fostering a sense of normalcy and humanity amidst challenging circumstances. Listening to their stories, they understood how valuable this is: marriages are crumbling over the strain and distance and each woman refugee is struggling to support herself and her dependents. Moreover, as families and friendship groups are now spread throughout the world, there is very little emotional or practical support available to women.

As the women refugees engage in the formal activities, they also benefit from the opportunity to socialise, make friends and build community.


Valentyna’s (69) testimony

‘I’m glad I have met people with such golden hearts. They have inspired and supported me and my family. I want to thank all the people who financially supported the programme because that support is essential for me and my family.

 We feel cared for, we’re not alone, we’re important, and it inspires us. Thank you.

I arrived in Warsaw from Kyiv in March 2022. I hadn’t been working as I was a pensioner in Ukraine. Thanks to Pontes, I have a better understanding of the Polish language, I have met many nice women which made me think I’m not alone with my problems. People from the programme have helped me and my daughter to find a job, and they have also helped my granddaughter with her studies. I’m very happy because my daughter found not just any job: she works as an English teacher at a high school in Warsaw, and my granddaughter has enrolled at Warsaw University. Pontes also helped us to find an apartment and furnish the flat with essentials. I know that I can approach them with any questions and issues that I have.

It’s amazing to me that there are people who sponsor such a programme and help Ukrainians who were forced to leave their home. We feel cared for, we’re not alone, we’re important, and it inspires us. Thank you."

Two years have passed, and now many women are coming to the realisation that the war may not end soon. Consequently, they are grappling with the need to prepare for a long-term life in Poland.


Who is WONDER Foundation?

WONDER Foundation is a charity with a Christian ethos that empowers women and girls through quality education and access to good work so that they can exit poverty for good. Established in 2012, they work with women-led local NGOs in 23 countries across Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Europe towards a future where women and girls can make informed life choices and lead the way in their own personal development, and that of their families and communities.

WONDER’s approach is based on six pillars that guide their work with their partners and stem from their belief in the intrinsic human dignity of every person:

1. Quality education  

2. Accompaniment and mentoring  

3. Investing in local women-led partners  

4. Empowering spaces  

5. Sustainable employment  

6. Family engagement


To date, WONDER has directly impacted the lives of over 123,000 women and worked with 36 partners in 24 countries.



As provisions for Ukrainian refugees scale back, these women and children need a lot of support.

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Find out more about WONDER Foundation and the work that they do to support women and children by visiting their website.



Please pray for peace in Ukraine, the women who are accessing the projects and the women organising the projects.


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