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Trusted by over 30,000 Christians who give with Stewardship to support the causes they love  

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Give with confidence with Stewardship

All our registered partners are subject to Stewardship’s rigorous application and approval process.

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Share your money, not your data

With a single Direct Debit to your Giving Account there's no need to share your personal information every time you want to support a charity.

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Give 25% more with Instant Gift Aid

We add 25% to all eligible donations with Instant Gift Aid so the charities you choose get an immediate boost

Christian giving made simple


We believe giving should be joyful, simple and intentional. The Stewardship Giving Account helps you to effortlessly support causes that resonate with your values, passions and goals. Through our work with churches, charities and Christian workers, we are helping generous Christians make a tangible difference for the causes they love. 

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All your giving, all in one place 


Say goodbye to 'set and forget' passive giving. Stay on top of your support by organising all you giving, all in one place. Add new charities or change existing donations at the click of a button. Download your transaction report to see the difference you’ve made. 


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A single Direct Debit for all your charity donations


With a single Direct Debit to support all the causes you love, there’s no need to share your personal data every time you want to respond to an appeal or make a donation. Build your giving portfolio and organise it all from your Stewardship Giving Account. 


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Make a bigger difference, quicker

Stewardship’s Instant Gift Aid means we boost your support by 25% at the point of donation on all eligible gifts. This means the charities you support don't have to  claim it from HMRC themselves. Help the causes you love focus on the things that really matter to you.


boost my giving 

Diagram showing how Gift Aid boosts the value of a monthly top-up

Graphic showing a snapshot of the breadth of charities registered with Stewardship

Give with confidence, when you give with Stewardship


Our 13,000 registered partners are subject to Stewardship’s detailed and robust application and approval process to ensure they meet charity standards and our Christian charitable objectives. We can also request partners to provide us with follow-up reports that demonstrate how the funds were spent.


Give with confidence

Get going in five minutes.

Create your free account. Use the charity search function to find and support the causes you care about. Link your bank account with a Direct Debit. Tick the Gift Aid option to boost your generosity to add 25% Instant Gift Aid where applicable. Your giving goes further and faster with a Stewardship Giving Account.

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Start making a difference

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Build your giving balance 


Top-up your Stewardship Giving Account balance with a little bit extra each month and always have funds available to make spontaneous gifts. Respond to church or charity emergency appeals, ad hoc requests or just because you’re feeling generous. 


Top-up my account

See who you've helped 


Download your transaction report and see how many charities you’ve helped. There's no need to go through pages of bank transactions. You'll get an immediate view of your giving history and how much Gift Aid you've claimed which is especially useful for tax returns.


Organise my giving 

Graphic to show a summary of giving over the past quarter

Graphic showing how easily you can give anonymously within the Stewardship Giving Account

Anonymous giving 


There might be times you want your generosity to be discreet which can be difficult when giving directly from your bank account. Give anonymously from your Stewardship Giving Account for the times when you want your support to remain anonymous. 


Give anonymously

Support Christian Workers with Instant Gift Aid 


We are the only giving platform that enables Gift Aid to be claimed on donations to Christian workers and Bible College students.  Whether you're making a one-off donation or setting up a regular gift, we boost your giving by 25% on all eligible gifts with Instant Gift Aid. 


Support with Gift Aid 

Diagram showing gifts to Christian Workers and Bible College students being boosted with Gift Aid

Our fees

Stewardship is a not-for-profit organisation and our costs are always kept as low as possible. Any surplus is reinvested into supporting charitable activities such as training, events and resources.


  • No account opening fee

  • No monthly subscription fee

  • Competitive 3.5% fee on money paid in with Gift Aid and 3% without

Frequently Asked Questions


Anyone who wants to give to charitable causes, regardless of how much or how often. Over 30,000 people use a Stewardship Giving Account to manage their financial giving.


There is no account opening fee, or monthly fees. A 3.5% fee on money paid into your account with Gift Aid and 3% without Gift Aid covers admin costs and supports Stewardship's charitable activities such as training, events and resources that help charities and churches further God's kingdom. Find out about our fees. 


Your Giving Account is mobile optimised so you can easily access it 24/7 from the browser on your phone. There's not currently an app available for iOS or Android.


It's easy for churches, charities, Christian workers and bible college students to register with Stewardship. Click here to find out more.


Gift Aid is a way for churches and charities to claim back tax paid by their supporters on gifts they receive. If you pay sufficient UK tax(*), Gift Aid boosts the value of  your giving by 25% when you make a simple declaration. Charities claim the Gift Aid directly from HMRC. But Stewardship makes it even easier because we make the Gift Aid claim and immediately pass on the benefit through our “instant Gift Aid” service (*) income tax or capital gains tax.