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Need a Stewardship ID?

If you are still using our old style accounts (which require a username, password and PIN), you can sign in below to switch to our new style account and set up a Stewardship ID in a few easy steps.

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Your Stewardship ID is your new, improved way to log in and access any of your accounts with Stewardship using an email and password, or by connecting up a Google or Facebook account. You create a Stewardship ID as the first step when switching from our old accounts to the new style account - so if you have made the leap already you'll have a Stewardship ID.


The new style account is an upgrade of the existing Stewardship online accountWe have created a smarter, simpler online experience, which is fully compatible across mobile, tablet and desktop browsers. We’ve also dramatically improved the login process. 


Anyone with a Stewardship ID, which now includes anyone with a Giving Account, a Donor Advised Fund or any Partners (Churches, Charities or Christian workers) who receive funds from Stewardship.  It also includes anyone who created a fundraising appeal or made a regular or one-off gift on Give.net before it merged with Stewardship.org.uk.