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A personal service for those establishing a charitable fund of £500,000 or more.

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Personal service

Personal one-to-one guidance on hand to make your giving impactful and tax effective

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Let us take the burden of governance and administration

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Add to your balance by card, bank transfer, Direct Debit or shares

Philanthropy Fund

For those giving £500,000 or more

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The Philanthropy Fund is for those who are looking to set up a long-term fund, with a starting gift of £500,000 or more. Our experienced team will work closely with you and your advisors to establish a fund suited to your situation and your preferred way of giving. They can provide clear, considered and personal guidance, and help to develop and implement a strategy for you to achieve your philanthropic goals. Our pioneering Donor Advisory Board service gives you the option to include family members and advisers in your grant making process

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Connect to the causes you love

We gather the information you need to feel confident in your giving decisions. We can identify new recipients from our database and wide-reaching networks, evaluate their impact, or conduct additional research if there are new causes you wish to explore.

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Lighten your load

Our team will take care of all the day-to-day administration of your giving. We’ll handle everything from grant-making and communication with recipients, to incoming gifts of cash, shares or property.

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Maximize your giving potential

We’ll handle your giving tax-effectively. Including claiming Gift Aid on cash gifts, accepting tax-efficient gifts of property or shares and enabling UK/US dual-qualified giving in partnership with enabling UK/US dual-qualified giving in partnership with International Generosity Foundation (IGF), a TrustBridge member and US public charity.

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Discretion for you and your family

Give with confidence knowing that all recipients are verified against Stewardship’s eligibility criteria. When discretion is required we can also make gifts under a fund name or totally anonymously.

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Simplify your own charitable foundation

If the administration and compliance for your existing family charitable foundation is becoming a burden, we can help you to transfer this to a Philanthropy Fund.

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Investing your fund

You can ask us to invest some or all of your account balance if you plan to grow it over the long-term. We have three externally managed investment portfolios to offer: The Stewardship Balanced Portfolio, The Stewardship Equity Portfolio (previously The Stewardship Growth Portfolio) and The Stewardship Sustainable Investment Portfolio. We can also consider bespoke portfolios and social investment options for Kingdom impact.

Start your journey with us

For some, it's a desire to bring about change to our local and global communities. For others, it's a response to God's generosity. Whatever your goal, our first step together is to arrange an initial consultation or visit to discuss your philanthropic needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, you can securely access your account by logging in via this website. You can top up your account and arrange donations, request withdrawals and investments from our pooled investment funds and view statements – all within our online portal. In addition, you can authorise others to manage your account on your behalf.


Yes, Stewardship can accept gifts of shares and property. To enquire about gifting non-cash assets, please contact our team.


Only the main account holder can gift into the Philanthropy Fund account from their sole or joint bank account. If more than one person would like to give into the same Philanthropy Fund, we can make a bespoke arrangement at your request.


You can request donations to UK and overseas churches, Christian charities and secular charities (providing they don’t conflict with our Christian objectives, which can be found here.) You can also support full-time Christian workers who have registered for support from Stewardship. All donations are made at the discretion of our trustees, and are subject to our due diligence checks.


We will ask you to provide Stewardship with an expression of wishes during your lifetime, to guide us in respect of your remaining balance and any legacy you may wish to leave. You can change this expression of wishes as many times as you like. You can name a trusted successor to your account; specify recipients and sums for an immediate or gradual disbursal; or entrust funds to Stewardship for us to give away.


The Philanthropy Fund is one of the most cost-effective ways to manage your charitable giving. We retain a modest fee for our work, which varies according to the specific gift arrangements you wish to have in place, along with any additional account management services you require. Find our about our pricing.

Our Fees

Stewardship is a not-for-profit organisation and our costs are always kept as low as possible. We reinvest any extra income into supporting charitable causes such as church planting and training Christian workers. It’s a joy to partner with you in this Kingdom work.

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  • No account opening fee
  • Strengthens Christian causes
  • Optional bespoke services available

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Confidently support Kingdom work

Use the knowledge and guidance of our in-house experts to ensure that your gifts make a meaningful and long-lasting impact for the causes that you love.

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Enjoy the freedom to support the causes you care about with the choice of anonymity, respecting your privacy and allowing your generosity to speak for itself.

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Safe space

We facilitate thoughtful discussion around your philanthropic vision

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Bespoke research into causes you love and those you’d like to know more about

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Peace of mind

Benefit from the wisdom of a board without the burdens of setting up a trust

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If you have got an innovative idea for supporting a charity with a loan or other investment from your account balance, our specialist team can work with you to make this happen

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Your charitable funds have the potential to go further, strengthening the impact of the ministries and causes you choose to support

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Experience the joy of giving, with lasting impact for the causes you love

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Let your legacy live on

Continue to support the causes you care about or pass on the joy of giving to a successor

Safe hands icon

Simplify administration

Manage all of your charitable distributions using one flexible Expression of Wishes which you can amend free of charge at any time

Planning ahead icon

Ensure tax-efficiency

Your legacy to Stewardship is exempt from Inheritance Tax and may qualify the rest of your estate for the reduced rate of Inheritance Tax

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Global giving

Give across a network spanning 85 countries using TrustBridge Global

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Manage all of your cross-border giving in one place

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Join with hundreds of other donors to get resource where it is most needed

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With our expertise in the charitable sector, we can provide the detailed research you need to make a decision

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Measure tangible impact on a macro and micro scale to give you confidence in your decision-making and planning

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Using our networks and data-driven insights, we can help you focus future resources and maximise your potential for impact

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