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Formerly known as give.net, Stewardship's Fundraising tools for churches and charities makes it easy for your church members or supporters to donate online. We'll collect your donations and deposit them into your account. We'll also claim Gift Aid for you and add it to your donations, boosting your income and saving time on admin. Since 2012, Stewardship's Fundraising tools have  helped thousands of charitable causes raise over £27 million online.

Register your church or charity with Stewardship, log into your account, create a profile page and start fundraising. 



Instant Gift Aid

Stewardship adds Gift Aid at the point of your supporters' donation which means you can receive Gift Aid immediately, without the hassle of claiming it from HMRC yourself.

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Keep Track

You get full access to information about your supporters, donations and payments, to help you track and manage your financial support.

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Personalised Profile Page

Customise your profile page with your logo, information and images. Then share and promote to reach more supporters.


Anonymous Giving

Your supporters or church members can give anonymously and securely whenever they choose. Either as a one-off donation or a regular gift.

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All donations are processed safely and securely, meaning you can have complete peace of mind and know your funds are in safe hands.


Donation Buttons

Download one of our ready-to use donation buttons to add to your website to maximise your fundraising opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Any Stewardship registered church or charity can use Stewardship's Fundraising tools to raise money online. 


Use our Partner search to check if you are registered with Stewardship. If you are not registered, it's easy to start your application.  As we are a Christian charity, under charity law we need to operate within our Christian charitable objectives, and so charities promoting other world religions, or any in direct opposition to Christianity aren't able to register with Stewardship.

If you have any questions, contact our team who will be more than happy to help you through the process. 


If a supporter has given us permission to share their details, we will make this information available to you. As a registered recipient of Stewardship you agree to handle this information in strict accordance to the Data Protection Act.


We make payments to partner charities weekly or monthly, depending on your preference. We work hard to get money out to charities and churches as fast as possible so they can keep doing the work that they do best.


Very! We use encryption on all aspects of www.stewardship.org.uk and any personal information you send to us is stored securely. All of our online systems are checked regularly to ensure that they conform to current security standards.


We charge a 3% fee on donations made to your church or charity or 3.5% if they are eligible for Gift Aid. Find out more about our fees

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