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Unlock the joy of simplified giving

Giving more than £25k a year? Our faith-filled experts can help you reduce the complexity of your charitable giving.

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Give simply and tax efficiently

The Donor Advised Fund simplifies the process of donating from a variety of assets allowing you to give with maximum efficiency.

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Confidently support Kingdom work

Use the knowledge and guidance of our in-house experts to ensure that your gifts make a meaningful and long-lasting impact for the causes that you love.

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Share your money, not your identity

Enjoy the freedom to support the causes you care about with the choice of anonymity, respecting your privacy and allowing your generosity to speak for itself.

Christian philanthropy, simplified


Receive all the benefits of a charitable trust without the complications and with no need for trustees, annual returns or legal costs. We can also remove the administrative and compliance burden from your existing charitable foundation when you transfer to a Donor Advised Fund.


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Maximise your giving potential 


We’ll handle your giving tax-efficiently, including claiming Gift Aid on eligible cash gifts and accepting tax-efficient non-cash gifts. You can add funds to your Donor Advised Fund account through cards, cheque, bank transfer, Direct Debit, investments, shares or property.


Make the most of my giving 

Connect to the causes you love 


Our team can help you find the right causes to support from our database of thousands of registered churches, charities and full-time Christian workers. You can also sign in to your account at any time to make a gift to a cause. 


Connect to my causes 

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All your giving, all in one place 


Your Donor Advised Fund is the single place for you to give tax-effectively in support of the causes you care about. We create a fund for you within Stewardship from which to manage your support to charities, churches and individuals in Christian ministry. Leave us to worry about the governance, administration and reporting requirements while you enjoy giving without complications. 


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Support causes your way


Add to your balance by credit or debit card, cheque, bank transfer, Direct Debit, or non-cash gifts. ou can control your privacy by choosing to give anonymously or to share your details to allow your chosen causes to update you if you wish.


Give my way

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Frequently Asked Questions


The Donor Advised Fund is one of the most cost-effective ways to manage your charitable giving. We retain a modest fee for our work, which varies according to the specific gift arrangements you wish to have in place, along with any additional account management services you require. Find out about our pricing.


Yes, you can securely access your account online. You can top up your account and arrange donations, request withdrawals and investments from our pooled investment funds, and view statements – all within our online portal. You can also authorise someone to manage the online account on your behalf.


Yes, Stewardship can accept gifts of shares and property. Find out how to make a gift of shares for immediate sale. To enquire about gifting shares to be retained in your account or gifting other non-cash assets, please contact our team.


Only the main account holder can gift into the Donor Advised Fund account from their sole or joint bank account. If more than one person would like to give into the same Donor Advised Fund, we can make a bespoke arrangement at your request.


We will ask you to provide Stewardship with an expression of wishes during your lifetime, to guide us in respect of your remaining balance and any legacy gift you may wish to leave. You can name a trusted successor to your account; specify recipients and sums for an immediate or gradual disbursal; or entrust funds to Stewardship for us to give away. You can change this expression of wishes as many times as you like.


You can request donations to UK and overseas churches, Christian charities and secular charities providing they don’t conflict with our Christian objectives, which can be found here. You can also support full-time Christian workers who have registered for support from Stewardship. All donations are made at the discretion of our trustees, and are subject to our due diligence checks.


We do not currently provide payroll giving, but many of our clients choose to select Stewardship as their one chosen charity, transfer the payroll giving funds to their Stewardship account, and do all their giving from there. 

Our Fees

Stewardship is a not-for-profit organisation and our costs are always kept as low as possible. We reinvest any extra income into supporting charitable causes such as church planting and training Christian workers. It’s a joy to partner with you in this Kingdom work.

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  • No account opening fee
  • Strengthens Christian causes
  • Optional bespoke services available