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WTC: Transforming ministry with life-giving theology

Janey Lawry-White and some students from Westminster Theological Centre tells us about the charity and how it is transforming people through life-giving theology.

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Transforming people through life-giving theology

What do you think of when you imagine studying academic theology? Dry academic discussions? Your faith being deconstructed and undermined?

Jesus calls His followers to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind.” At WTC, students are not merely engaging with academic pursuits, but growing in understanding that they might love God more deeply. These students go on to serve in a myriad of contexts, to build up the church in full-time ministry and beyond.

In the presence and power of the Spirit

“WTC is a place of complete restoration, recreation, and a completely new way of thinking about the world and where you work. Studying equips you with God’s word and God’s presence to carry it into the places that you are every day and empowers you to be yourself wherever you are. It’s the best choice you could ever make.” (Grad Dip/MA student & senior corporate manager)

Accessibility is a core value for WTC. Our pioneering delivery model means all WTC students study part-time around their existing commitments, while avoiding the isolation of distance learning. We study in local learning communities (Hubs) which are partnerships between WTC and visionary local churches around the UK which share the goal of resourcing their regions through theological education. We keep fees low and offer bursaries (one means tested bursary and one for students with a recent background in offending and addiction), as well as providing outstanding study skills so that students achieve university standards.

“WTC has changed my life in so many ways…I grew up where education wasn’t for us as a family and WTC has opened a way for education to be a part of me and it’s absolutely transformational. I’d recommend it to everybody!” (BA student & chef)

Reimagining learning in community

Students start their programmes, meeting their peers and faculty in-person at the first of two residentials (intensive teaching weeks in September and January). For a further 22 weeks a year, they study in their local Hub. Hub nights include worship, prayer, recorded lectures and virtual tutorials with the faculty they met at the residential and their student peers on the same programme around the UK.

“Over the years of studying with WTC, I have seen a significant transformation in the way I deliver my ministry. WTC has gone a long way in helping me to see how the Bible brings to life situations that I face every day and how I can lean on the Bible.” (BA student & church leader)

A group of WTC students smiling in the sunshine

Partnering with the church to equip and send the whole people of God

WTC students range in age from 20 to 75, and come from a wide range of education, professional and church backgrounds.

What’s the impact of studying with WTC? In our last alumni survey:

  • 92% considered that studying with WTC was personally transformative
  • 78% considered that studying with WTC has had a significant impact on their vocation/work/ministry, with a further 16.5% reporting that it had had some impact
  • 93% believe that their studies provided them with strong foundational knowledge for their lives and ministry
  • 95% found their courses spiritually relevant. 

Studying with WTC has really impacted…all parts of my life. The discipline that I've learnt in having to prepare and write an essay has taught me that I can use this discipline in all areas of my life. I would never in a million years have thought that I would be studying. I thought I would be pigeonholed by my past…yet here I am studying along with everybody else. I am in lectures looking around thinking I shouldn't be here, but I am, and I am understanding what is going on, and I'm absolutely loving it. It has just opened up so many opportunities for my life.” (CertHE student & community outreach worker)

Who is WTC?

WTC is an interdenominational, charismatic theological college with a vision to bring together rigorous theology and the vibrant life in the Spirit. WTC’s goal is to serve the UK church - catalysing personal and community transformation by equipping and empowering people of all ages and backgrounds for leadership, mission, and discipleship. We do this by making rigorous, academic theology accessible to the whole people of God. While our student body represents many denominations, the majority are members of independent churches and networks.


To make their programmes accessible, all WTC students (not just those on WTC bursaries) are subsidised by givers who share WTC’s vision to support the church by equipping its members through study.

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To find out more about studying with WTC, visit their website.


Please join WTC in praying that God would provide all that they need to continue their work. Pray specifically that they raise £150,000 this year to plug the gap between costs of delivering their courses and fees received.


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