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Support Raising Surgery

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If you have been on our training, you’ll know it’s jam-packed with great biblical foundations for Support Raising, excellent practical tips and plenty of time to think through what might be holding you back from growing your partner team in the way you would like.

Many go away from the training enthused but we know that putting into practice what you have learnt can be a challenge. Life gets in the way and questions come up. This is why we advised you to find a coach to help you through the Support Raising journey.

To continue to support you on your journey after the training, we offer our free Support Raising Training Surgery which works similarly to group coaching.

For an hour each month, we’ll refresh you on different areas of the training. You’ll be encouraged and supported by others raising support. You can bring challenges, concerns or questions which have come up. Use the time to set some goals and review your progress the following month to keep you on track and not let busyness hold you back.

Who is it for?

Those who have completed our Support Raising Training.

When is it?

The second Tuesday of every month from 1-2pm.

What is the cost?

The Support Raising Surgery is free. You need to have completed the Support Raising Training to attend.

How do I join?

Please email [email protected] for the Zoom details.