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GAAF: Combatting period poverty in Uganda

Providing re-usable sanitary products for girls and women in rural Uganda


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Gideon's Trust is a UK-based charity supporting the work of The Gideon Anti-Aids Foundation (GAAF) in Uganda. GAAF works to support orphaned and vulnerable children through providing them with a home, an education and hope for the future. 

Re-usable sanitary pads project

One of the deliverables in their community development work is their 're-usable sanitary pads project'.

In Uganda it’s not uncommon for girls to miss school when they’re menstruating. The Ugandan government says about 23% of girls drop out of education once they hit puberty and adolescence.

‘Louise McLoughlin. Irish Times: 'Menstrual pads help Ugandan women journey out of stigma' 2016 (viewed on 13 December 2023)’


GAAF quote


GAAF Founder, Gideon, talks about how this project emerged and the life-changing impact it has had on those it has served:

"My team and I go to the different communities in rural areas in Central Uganda educating them about HIV/Aids. After talking to them, we ask them what challenges they face. Each time, girls and women tell us the same problem; that they lack sanitary pads to enable them to stay comfortable in school and in their community. We decided to start this project after the team and I imagined what they must go through during their monthly periods. Some use banana leaves, others papers, and so on because they can’t afford to buy a packet of sanitary pads. We sat down and decided to try and help them by calling for donations to buy packs of re-usable sanitary pads.

Thanks to our supporters' generosity, we have managed to reach at least 8000 girls and women in 2023 so far. Each packet contains three cloth pads; one for the morning, evening and night, that can be washed and used for a full year. 

Before giving them a packet of re-usable sanitary pads, the team and I first educate the young adults about health and hygiene. 

Since we started this project, we have got so many stories from beneficiaries and from local leaders. When you hear them, your can't hold the tears. How hard it has been for them them periods because most of them are orphans and some are from very poor families."

Sanitary pad packs

I am so grateful for the packet of pads. You have saved me much from using one old piece of cloth all day. I now feel healthy, comfortable and happy. May God bless you and your team. 

- GAAF Beneficiary

Who is The Gideon Anti-Aids Foundation (GAAF)?

The Gideon Anti-Aids Foundation is a registered community-based organisation in Uganda, working to support the orphaned child by giving them an opportunity to realise their full potential and capabilities.

The Foundation's vision 'to promote human values through advocacy and community outreach programs' is achieved through multiple projects run alongside the communities they serve. These include:

  • Educating people in Uganda about HIV/AIDS
  • Providing sponsorship towards education for orphans and vulnerable children
  • Promoting community development
  • Providing HIV/AIDS counseling
  • Bringing awareness to the plight of vulnerable children and youth


By the end of 2024, GAAF hopes to reach 20,000 girls and women in central Uganda. Your support can help them to achieve this goal.

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You can find out more about the work of GAAF and the positive impact they are having by visiting their Facebook profile.


Please pray for the team who provide support and training to these women and orphans; that their promotion and awareness would save lives, bring hope and reduce stigmas associated with menstruation.

Photo references: Gideon Anti-Aids Foundation


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