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Ruth Yimika Afolabi, Founder and CEO, Magnify

Empowering generous women of faith

A community for women at the intersection of faith and culture

Ruth Yimika Afolabi, CEO and Founder Ruth Yimika Afolabi
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Navigating work, culture and generosity as an ambitious woman of faith can be a challenge.

Ruth Yimiki Afolabi founded Magnify fourteen years ago with the vision to help women explore the Christian faith in an unpressurised, engaging and creative way. Today, Magnify is a successful media platform and global community that is equipping many women of faith to impact their spheres of influence for God's glory.

Interview with Ruth

In this interview, Ruth shares her faith journey and how she has been realising her mission to support women of faith. She also discusses generosity and the role of women in philanthropy.  


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Photo courtesy of Magnify: Ruth Yimika Afolabi, Founder and CEO 



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Written by

Ruth Yimika Afolabi

Ruth Yimika Afolabi is the Founder & CEO of a women’s global platform and community called Magnify which sits at the intersection of faith and culture and was started in 2009. Magnify exists to equip women of faith to thrive and impact culture and their work spheres and use media to change the narrative of the Christian faith. Magnify encompasses a magazine, podcast, events and a range of other platforms and across all platforms engages with almost 500,000 women every month.

Ruth has been featured in The Huffington Post, BBC, Channel 4, Marie Claire and the Mail On Sunday in recognition of her work as a young woman sharing faith in a different way through media and creativity.

Prior to going full time with Magnify, Ruth started her career at L’Oreal and Burberry