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A21: Giving the gift of hope this Christmas

Matthew Peckett from A21 tells us about their annual Christmas project bringing hope to survivors of human trafficking.

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Christmas Hampers of Hope

We are so excited to share the launch of our annual Christmas Hampers of Hope. Every year, we partner with local shelters to create and deliver Christmas hampers to survivors of human trafficking.

We truly appreciate the support that we receive from individuals, and today, we wanted to share the impact that your giving can have on the lives of survivors of human trafficking.

Rose’s story

Here is one story of a brave survivor:

After finishing high school, Rose*, trained as a nursing auxiliary worker in South Africa. After several personal tragedies and hardships, she was desperate for work. When a job in another city became available, Rose gladly took it. But the opportunity was not what it seemed. The job was falsely advertised—and once she arrived, she was forced against her will into prostitution. She couldn’t move freely and was violently abused.

One day, Rose managed to escape with the help of local police. She was connected with A21 and has been in our care, taking steps toward full healing and restoration. We are so proud of her as she’s courageously faced the pain of her trauma, pressed criminal charges against her trafficker, and has been rebuilding the foundations of her life. She is working as an auxiliary nurse again and becoming more independent by the day.

"A21 helped me by supporting me in my journey emotionally and financially. Meeting with the A21 social worker helped me to discuss my fears and goals for the future. A21 helped me to be able to practice as an auxiliary nurse again. I am independent, and back in my nursing profession." - Rose

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*Survivor’s name may be changed for their protection.

Who is A21? 

A21 is a global anti-human trafficking organisation with the sole mission to end slavery everywhere, forever.

They have worked for 15 years to raise awareness of human trafficking; assisting governments and law enforcement in identifying those caught in the cycle of trafficking and providing holistic aftercare support for survivors on their healing journey.


You can help A21 in their mission to end slavery everywhere by giving with Stewardship. Gifts made by Monday 11 December will help to provide Christmas hampers of hope to incredible survivors like Rose.



You can find out more about the work of A21 and the positive impact they are having by visiting their website.


Please join the A21 team in praying for the men, women and children who are vulnerable, exploited and not able to have the freedom that we enjoy. Please pray that this injustice will one day end everywhere, forever, and justice will ultimately prevail.


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