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Chalmers Church

Chalmers Church: Establishing a ministry base to impact Edinburgh and the nations

Q&A with Robin Sydserff, Minister at Chalmers Church, about the purchase and redevelopment of their new church building.

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In 2016, Stewardship assisted Chalmers Church in the purchase and redevelopment of a building on the south side of central Edinburgh for their new church building.  

Natasha Wood talks to Robin Sydserff about how Stewardship have partnered with Chalmers Church to purchase the building and establish a ministry base to the city and the nations in Scotland’s capital. 


Q: Tell us about yourself and the history of Chalmers Church? 

A: Chalmers Church began in June 2014, we began with lots of people but with no building. 


Q: Since you’ve been in your current building, what inspired the re-design of the new building? 

A: So we bought the building right at the end of 2016, but we knew when we bought it we had to redevelop it. What inspired the redevelopment? The first thing is the building itself. It’s a brilliant building, its an old church building, and we just breathed new life into it. But the space is a brilliant space. We gave the architect a brief to maximise the space for multi-flexible use, but I think the most inspiring thing would be that at the heart of the building is a big auditorium where we gather to hear God speak to us week by week, and to encourage each other. 


Q: How has Stewardship supported the church on this project? 

A: The total capital cost was £4 million which is a lot of money. The church family gave a lot and we had some external support, but right at the heart of it was Stewardship’s partnership and that partnership was expressed in three ways: 

  1. Financially  

  1. Advice all of the way through 

  1. Real relationship warmth 

We never felt through the whole thing that you were a financial advisor, but you were a partner with us. 


Q: What impact do you think that the church will have in the wider community and in the wider church? 

A: Under God, the impact we would love to see in the local community is people hearing the life changing gospel of the Lord Jesus and putting their faith and trust in him now and forever. In the wider church, the big thing that Chalmers Church does is training and sending out gospel workers. We have about 10 people training with us every year and we’d love to send people out all over the country in the years ahead. 


Q: Can you share a story from the church’s journey to the new building? 

A: We have lots of encouraging stories. I am going to pick one though. A man called Dick Anderson who is now with the Lord Jesus. Dick was a wonderful Godly man, a prayer warrior and he prayed us right through the project, looking for the building, finding the building, paying for the building, bringing the people into the building. Just as it came to us moving back into the building, the Lord took him home. Why is this an inspiring story? Because it’s a new building, and I pray that his vision will pass to the next generation and the generation after them...  


Q: What is Chalmers Church’s vision for the future? 

A: The church’s vision for the future is what the church’s vision has always been, to proclaim the gospel and to see people grow up in a mature Christian family, loving and caring for one another.  


About Chalmers Church

Chalmers is a friendly and informal church on the south side of central Edinburgh. Whether you're looking for a church or just looking into what Christians believe, you are very welcome. At Sunday services you’ll meet people of all ages and many nationalities. Services begin with a warm welcome and an invitation to celebrate the good news about Jesus Christ. Chalmers believe what the Bible says about who Jesus is to be life-changing for the world today. He is such good news that they’d love the opportunity to tell you about him. If you are totally new to church and have all kinds of questions, you won’t be alone. Chalmers aims to be a church where people can ask their questions and share their doubts.  Why not try one of their Sunday Services to find out more about Chalmers – and about Jesus?


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