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All Nations Church, Wolverhampton: a story of God's faithfulness spanning over 70 years

Q&A with Steve Uppal, Senior Pastor.

all nations All Nations Church
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We recently had the privilege of speaking with Senior Pastor Steve Uppal of All Nations Church in Wolverhampton about the incredible history of the church and their recent building renovation project enabled by a loan from Stewardship.

Q. Tell us about the early days of All Nations Church.

All Nations Church has humble yet remarkable origins, planted by two sisters right at the end of World War II. Fresh out of Bible college in London, they felt called to cycle all the way to Wolverhampton to start a church. At the time, they rented a shop front in the Hoarsely Fields area about a mile from our current city centre location. They focused on ministering to the many impoverished children in the area, feeding them, clothing them where possible, and teaching them about Jesus.

It's amazing to think that just two determined women planted this church that has now grown to several hundred members and over 30 affiliated "home churches" meeting in neighbourhoods across our city. One of the original founding sisters was still alive when I became senior pastor in 2001. Hearing her stories of the poverty and ministry in those early days was incredibly inspiring.

Q. How did the church end up in its current facility?

In the 1950s, our current site used to be an old converted chapel that had been turned into a factory during WWII to make bullets. When the sisters felt led to purchase a permanent church building, as women they understandably could not get a mortgage. So they struck an agreement to buy the property through instalments. God provided, and the initial vision became reality.

Since I arrived, we've undertaken several building and renovation projects to better serve our community. But this latest one focused on upgrading key spaces like our foyer café, meeting rooms, and conference facilities to enable increased ministry to Wolverhampton.


Q. Tell us more about this building renovation project.

We asked ourselves—with a prime 7,500 square foot facility in the city centre that can seat 800 people, how can we leverage this asset to greater kingdom impact locally and beyond? The vision was to create flexible spaces that enable us to be open serving people 7 days a week through conferences, training events, community groups, a jobs club, 24/7 prayer room and more.

So in partnership with Stewardship, we took out a loan to remodel our mezzanine into beautiful, soundproof multipurpose rooms. We upgraded our heating and cooling systems and gave our foyer café a fresh new look. Just this week we received a request to house a weekly gathering of 100 marginalized people running an outreach program that lost its former venue. Plus we have bookings from several national Christian organizations that will be using our new conference spaces for training events over the next year.

I'm thrilled at how fast God is already breathing life into the vision for this renovated building as a hub of ministry to Wolverhampton and beyond! Our heart is to demonstrate Christ's love through practical social initiatives as well as spiritual ones.


Q. What is the All Nations Movement?

In addition to our main church facility and congregation, over the last four years All Nations has been transitioning to more of a decentralized network of over 30 home churches meeting in neighbourhoods across our city. We feel this allows more intimacy, localized impact, and leadership development compared to just gathering in one place once a week. It's been challenging but biblical pattern we feel called to.

These affiliated home churches are part of our broader All Nations Movement seeking to apply these principles in unity with other leaders in the UK and abroad. We share experiences and ideas but allow each expression to take shape in its own context. We long to see viral multiplication of disciples making disciples!

Q. Tell us about Wolverhampton and the community you serve.

Our city has a beautiful, earthy, working-class heritage as part of England's historic Black Country region. But as traditional industries have declined in recent decades, Wolverhampton has faced economic challenges. We believe the 230,000+ residents of our diverse city represent a tremendous kingdom opportunity.

The multicultural makeup of Wolverhampton is reflected in our congregation and staff team, with leaders originally from places like Zimbabwe, Malaysia, India, Germany and more. We aim to be a church not only for our community but actively serving through local social programs. At Christmas we distributed holiday food hampers to over 40 disadvantaged families. We're ministering in India, feeding orphans and widows. And we have dedicated teams evangelizing in the streets, personally discipling seekers, and running courses to equip our home church leaders.

There are so many stories of transformed lives and marriages. We prefer decentralized ministry empowering ordinary believers, rather than just centralized projects. Our upgraded facility helps facilitate equipping our people to be salt and light where they live, work, and play.

Q. What has partnering with Stewardship meant for this project?

We are thrilled Stewardship provided the loan we needed to upgrade our building to its full potential. I love that the loan comes from a Christian organization committed to reinvesting funds into God's Kingdom. Working with Stewardship has been fantastic—their team is professional, thorough and gracious.

This strategic partnership expanded our capacity to serve Wolverhampton and the broader Body of Christ. We are just now tasting the first fruits and can't wait to see the ongoing eternal impact in years to come! Our prayer is that many lives will be changed in this place as we seek empower ordinary people to passionately pursue God's purposes.

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