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Ten charities to support with £10: small donation with a big impact

Gifts that can have an immediate effect on others.

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To the power of ten - maximise your gift of a tenner

The beauty of generosity lies in its simplicity – any sized gift can make a difference. A simple offer of ten pounds for instance can create a ripple effect that touches the lives of many people. Generosity is at the heart of who God is, and every gift is an opportunity show his kindness to the world.

When you contribute to charities that align with your values and the causes you care about, you become part of something larger, something transformative. In this post, we'll explore how you can put your money where your heart is with a simple gift of £10.

The Bible Society

The Bible Society is dedicated to ensuring that every person has access to the Bible in a language they can understand. One of the latest Bibles to be translated is the Mohawk Bible, marking an amazing moment for the Mohawk people.

With just £10, you can provide one Bible to a believer in their native language, enabling them to connect with their faith more profoundly.




Christians Against Poverty (CAP)

Your £10 donation to Christians Against Poverty can cover the cost of a debt-counselling session, offering vital financial guidance and support to someone struggling with debt. Make a gift to CAP and directly aid someone in breaking free from the cycle of debt.



Home for Good

Every 15 minutes, a child comes into care in the UK. Home for Good is an organisation that believes everyone has a part to play to ensure that every child and young person experiences the welcome, stability and care they need to thrive. A ten pound gift could help Home for Good run a weekly online information session, open to anyone considering fostering, adoption or supported lodgings.



Hope for Justice

Hope for Justice is a dynamic organisation dedicated to combating human trafficking and exploitation. Their unwavering commitment to eradicating modern slavery is evident in their innovative approaches and relentless advocacy for victims.

By partnering with law enforcement, governments and local communities, Hope for Justice rescues and restores those trapped in exploitation, providing them with the support and resources needed to reclaim their lives. A £10 gift could provide a care package of essentials for a survivor of human trafficking.



Mercy Ministries UK

Mercy Ministries UK is committed to restoring hope and transforming lives by empowering Christians to develop their relationship with God, self and others. They offer a wide range of services online and onsite to equip people with the tools to navigate life’s challenges from a place of wellbeing and wholeness. This includes The Freedom Course – a 16-week, trauma-informed discipleship course designed to help Christians live free and stay free.

A donation of ten pounds will resource someone in need with a Keys to Freedom workbook.



Power the Fight

Launched in 2019, Power the Fight is an award-winning charity which tackles violence affecting young people. They create long-term solutions for sustainable change and act as a link between the community and policy makers.

Power the Fight is also a vital part of the support system for families affected by violence among young people. A £10 gift will help contribute to funeral costs and bereavement support for families who have lost a child to violence.



Rock UK Adventure Centres

Rock UK is a Christian organisation passionate about developing young people, bringing adventure into learning in the outdoors and transforming lives. They offer a range of activities, events and holidays for kids of all ages. A ten pound gift could help provide a bursary place for a disadvantaged child to attend a life-changing trip to Rock UK.




Tearfund is a Christian charity that partners with churches in more than 50 of the world’s poorest countries. They tackle poverty through sustainable development, responding to disasters and challenging injustice. They believe an end to extreme poverty is possible.

A £10 donation to Tearfund can provide vital hygiene kits including soap and antiseptic to a family in a crisis, ensuring their immediate needs are met during challenging times.




The4Points logo and tract system has been used in countries all over the world to communicate the gospel in a simple and memorable way. In 2023 The4Points vision is to share the gospel with half a million people in the UK. They hope to achieve this by equipping churches and ministries across the country and paying for resources for those who struggle to afford them.



A donation of ten pounds will equip a local church to reach 100+ people with the good news of the gospel with resources like the one above.



World Vision

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organisation that focuses on improving the lives of children and families worldwide. They provide essential support through child sponsorship, ensuring access to education, healthcare, clean water and more.

With a commitment to long-term community development, World Vision empowers families to escape poverty's grasp. Your donations directly transform lives, making them a trusted choice for impactful global change. With a £10 gift you can provide a child with emergency food for a month.



Your small gesture, their big change

In the grand tapestry of generosity, every thread, no matter how small, weaves a story of compassion, hope and progress. A ten pound donation might seem modest, but its potential for change is huge. We’ve highlighted ten charities above, carefully selected from our partnership lists, to show you how a small sum can make a significant impact on the lives of individuals and communities.

So, choose a cause that resonates with you and make that £10 donation today. Together, let's be the change we wish to see in the world.


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Written by

Matt Holderness

Matt is the Marketing Manager for Generosity Services and is primarily focussed on raising engagement with the Stewardship Giving Account. He is passionate about what the Bible says about generosity, and he loves helping people discover the joy of regular giving through the sharing of inspirational content. 

With over twenty years of marketing experience, Matt has previously worked at Kendal College and Capernwray Bible School. He has degrees in Business and Marketing, Management Studies, Theology, and most recently a Masters in Aspects and Implications of Biblical Interpretation. 

Becoming a Christian later in life Matt is keen to share his ever growing love of Jesus and study of the Bible with others. He is also a very keen supporter of charities with the same aim.