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How you can support churches and charities registered as Warm Welcome Spaces

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Pledging to become a warm space isn’t an easy commitment for many churches, as they will also be feeling the effects of rising costs and the burden of their own operational expenses at this time. They’re relying heavily on the generosity of their congregations to ensure that they can fulfil their promise to provide a safe, free, warm and welcoming space for individuals and families to keep encouraged and out of the cold.

Your further support will assist them with the running costs of keeping their lights on and their heat up. It could also cover paying staff for additional hours and providing their volunteers with everything they need to offer the hospitality and provide essentials to anyone attending their Warm Welcome space: tea, coffee and/or a bite to eat.

The Warm Welcome campaign has received an amazing response with over 1,600 charitable organisations already registered to be a Warm Welcome space.

Support our Partners' Warm Welcome Spaces

Many of our own church and charity partners have registered as a Warm Welcome space and set up fundraisers to cover the additional costs involved.

If you’d like to find a space to support financially, please explore the regional lists of fundraising pages below.


Northern Ireland

North West

North East

Yorkshire & The Humber


West Midlands

East Midlands

East of England


South West

South East

These churches and charities would also appreciate your prayers. Please pray for:

  • Sufficient resources for churches to be able to meet rising costs and keep their warm spaces open.
  • Their warm spaces to be welcoming places of community.
  • The Warm Welcome initiative to be a beacon of gospel hope across the UK this winter.

If there is yet to be a Warm Welcome space listed that you would like to support specifically, you can give instead to the central fund which will help spaces in need of funding.

Support the central Warm Welcome Fund


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Lyndall McCarthy

Lyn loves working in a team that has a common vision towards transformational change in Jesus’ name. Shaping a joyful customer experience to achieve this is what drives her.

Previously Lyn worked for Habitat for Humanity South Africa as a Communications Specialist. Working for a humanitarian organisation opened her eyes to the sense that we’re part of a greater global community – and that we each have a role to play towards building its’ strength, stability and self-reliance.

Having immigrated to the UK from South Africa, Lyn and her husband and two young children are enjoying exploring the local countryside and hedgehog-spotting!