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Five charities we’re celebrating this International Women’s Day

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International Women's Day - Supporting Partners

International Womens Day is a wonderful opportunity to honour the achievements of women. In recognition of this event, we’ve curated a list of some of our partners who are particularly focussed on supporting, developing and equipping women. 


Be Me Project

Psalm 139 tells us that all people are “fearfully and wonderfully made”. The Be Me Project is on a mission to support women and girls specifically to grow in their sense of self-worth and purpose, building them up as dearly loved and unique individuals. 

This female-led charity was founded in 2017 by Lu, who saw the need for young women to have a safe space to talk and breathe. She was inspired by the story of the woman at the well in John 4 and works with the rest of the Be Me team to bring love and encouragement through school and community courses.

Support Be Me Project



Restored is a charity that speaks up about violence against women and girls through their research and campaigning, and they do something by training churches to recognise and respond to domestic abuse in their communities and to support survivors.

There are too many women who don’t have a local church equipped to support them, so Restored also hosts an online community for Christian survivors of domestic abuse. More than 600 women have found a safe space in this community and have been able to find understanding, belonging and restoration. Restored consider it is such a privilege to walk alongside these women as they rediscover themselves, God and their purpose in life.

They know that what they do transforms lives, but they long to see the Church equipped to do the same. They invite Churches to join the Restored Beacon Network to partner with us to stand against domestic abuse, and ensure that every survivor of domestic abuse is able to find a safe welcome in their local Church and a beacon of hope in their darkness.  



Kyria Network

The Kyria Network is all about championing, empowering and releasing female leaders into every sphere of society. The name Kyria comes from 2 John 1, where John refers to a female leader in the Church as a “chosen lady”. Their CEO, Amy Summerfield, shared that “Kyria is a joy and privilege to be part of as we champion women in leadership and those emerging into leadership. It’s now and needed as we continue to advance forwards to see God’s kingdom come through faithful people of all generations and genders.”

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Passion for Evangelism (IFES) 

Passion for Evangelism empowers, equips and encourages women to share the good news of Jesus with God-given confidence and creativity. They offer short-term training courses to create and share pieces of evangelistic content, as well as facilitating an informal mentoring network where women can gather and curate evangelistic resources. 
One recent participant said after completing her course, “I was able to engage with people I have never engaged with about my faith in Jesus – it was an amazing experience that took me out of my comfort zone. I would recommend it to anyone who'd like to share the gospel more effectively.”

Support Passion for Evangelism


WONDER Foundation

The Women’s Network for Development and Educational Resources (WONDER) was created by a group of London-based women from a diversity of places around the world, who saw the need for a better approach to education of women across the globe.

Built on Christian values such as love, dignity and partnership, WONDER exists to empower women and girls through giving them access to quality education. They partner with local, women-led organisations across the world to enable these women to transform their lives and exit poverty for good. WONDER works with local partners to provide culturally relevant education in many countries, including those affected by the war in Ukraine, as well as Brazil, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guatemala, Kazakhstan and Slovenia. Since being established as a charity in 2012, WONDER has reached over 100,000 women and girls, giving them the tools to be leaders in their own lives. 

Support Wonder Foundation


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Clare Lucas

Clare works within the Partner Services division as Head of Church and Charity Giving. She works with our church and charity partners, helping them become better resourced for their mission. She is passionate about strengthening the relationship between givers and causes as part of facilitating true gospel partnership in the 21st century.

Prior to her role at Stewardship, Clare worked with churches to foster active generosity, with a focus on digital giving. She has worked in the Christian charity sector since 2016 and has experienced financial support raising first-hand in both the church and charity context. She currently serves as a trustee for a newly established charity, seeking to support ministry trainees.

Clare lives in North London and enjoys a good cup of coffee by the canal.