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Be Me Project

Registered Charity Number: 1175239

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Be Me Project runs courses to build positive wellbeing and confidence to cope with the world's presures. 

1 in 4 young people in our society are struggling with poor mental health, with waiting lists in some areas for up to 2 years for counselling. Be Me project provides a safe space to open up and share this takes place within schools, community centres and in GP surgeries. 

The 'She Is' aims to build positive self esteem and confidence in girls and women to take the next step in life. 

'Who am I?' is a new course written during Covid to help young people to be able to talk through their experiences and worries from/in the pandemic. 

'She is Deeper' is a bible study based on the women at the well in John 4.  It gives the opportunity to explore identity and value in God.  

We are not professionally certified counsellors but all our volunteers have their own stories and life experiences that help us to be compassionate and gives us insight to be able to help and support course participants'

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