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10 Christian Charities that Support Women

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International Women’s Day on 8th March is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women and commit to accelerate women’s equality.

If you’re interested in Christian charities who are focused on supporting women, we’ve compiled a list of 10 organisations for you to look into:


1. Restored

Restored is working to change the stories of women who are affected by domestic abuse by training churches to recognise, prevent and respond to instances of domestic abuse that have increased as a result of the pandemic.

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 2. Beyond the Streets

This UK charity is working to make life beyond the streets a reality for women facing sexual exploitation. It’s working to see women safe from coercion, violence and abuse.

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3. Girls Brigade

Girls’ Brigade has been running for over 125 years, helping girls and women to explore and engage with real life and Christian faith in fun, informative and hopeful ways. These include local community groups, leadership training, faith retreats, conferences, and award programmes.

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4. A21 Campaign

A21 is one of the largest organisations in the world that is solely fighting human trafficking at a local, domestic and international level. All over the world, A21 is not just responding to trafficking that is already taking place, but it is actively working on the frontlines to prevent it from happening to begin with.

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5. Hope for Justice

Hope for Justice exists to bring an end to modern slavery that significantly impacts women; 71% are women, 29% are men and 25% are children. The charity does this by preventing exploitation, rescuing victims, restoring lives and reforming society.

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6. Be Me Project

Be Me Project is a self-esteem course for girls and women that provides a safe environment where they can share and be themselves without fear of being judged by others. They run different courses in schools, churches and the community to help build women’s confidence and resilience.

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7. Jericho Road Project

This charity works in Nottingham to bring hope and restoration to marginalised women, especially those affected by the sex industry or at risk of sex work. They offer a variety of services, both practical and personal, to support these women.

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8. The Rahab Project

Rahab Project Ltd provides holistic and woman-centred support to women involved in off-street prostitution and victims/survivors of trafficking for sexual exploitation. Rahab offers a steady and consistent human connection helping the women move from the crisis and trauma of their lived experiences to independence.

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9. Amber Crisis Pregnancy Care

This charity supports women and their partners who are coping with a range of pregnancy related crises. They provide immediate and long-term support on areas including pregnancy loss through abortion, miscarriage or failed IVF.

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10. Women on the Frontline Ministries

This charity is reaching out and making a difference in the lives of vulnerable women, those involved in prostitution and sexual exploitation. They are empowering women to know their self-worth so they can overcome barriers to change.

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