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Fusion: Engaging a spiritually open generation

Fusion’s Student Worldview Survey is helping to engage university students across the UK

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An incredible chance to reach the leaders of tomorrow

Fusion believes that every student should have the opportunity to find hope in Jesus and home in the local church during their time at university.  

We have just completed our Student Worldview Survey in partnership with local churches. We've spoken to 1395 students from 45 university locations and the results are astonishing. 74% of non-Christian students would go to church if they were invited by a friend. This is a relational generation and one that is spiritually open. 73% say "yes" or "maybe later" to the question, "would you like to hear the story of Jesus". 

This presents a huge opportunity because these leaders of tomorrow are possibly more open than ever before to accepting an invite to church and meeting Jesus. The challenge is that Christian students are generally not inviting their mates because they think they aren't ready and don't want to offend them. 

A great way to share the gospel message at university

Both the insights from the survey and the research itself haves proven to be extremely useful in opening doors for gospel conversations with university students.

pyers student

Pyers, a student at Loughborough University, shared that:

“Using the Student Worldview Survey has been an incredible tool for discussing students' perspectives on life and how they lean on a higher power for support. Not only has it been a tool for understanding the views of this student generation, but we have been using it as an evangelistic tool to do student mission and reach the heart of our university. This has led to incredible conversations about life and faith, providing the opportunity to share the gospel with many students on their doorsteps. The survey has opened doors, both physically and conversationally, allowing for invites to church events and the Alpha course. This opportunity has been an incredible encouragement to me personally, within my own evangelism, leaving me so excited for future faith conversations, growing my desire for seeing students come to faith.”

Maral, a Student Mission Developer in Cardiff, had an amazing gospel conversation off the back of collecting survey responses.

Maral student

“In November, I approached someone of student age at a café and after asking whether she was a student or not. I introduced myself and the Student Worldview Survey to her and she seemed keen to participate. As she was answering the questions, I picked up on a few interesting responses. I noticed that she used to go to church as a child, that she did pray occasionally, and that she was open to trying church if someone invited her. She then carried on saying she left the church and hasn't been for a few years but is keen to reconnect. I swapped numbers with her and invited her to church and to my home for food. She has since come back to church and is on a journey of reconnecting with God and rediscovering her faith. This all happened as a result of a two-minute survey conversation!”

Who is Fusion?

Fusion seeks to equip students for a life of mission and discipleship by guiding them into local churches that are trained and resourced to effectively care for and release students into the calling God has placed on their lives.


Fusion is looking to do their survey again in September with thousands more students and are seeking to raise £20,000 to make this happen. Your generosity will help deliver the survey throughout the next academic year and reach more students with the good news of Jesus.



Read the survey for yourself and find out more about the work of Fusion on their website.


Please join with Fusion in praying for the students who are starting university this coming year. Pray that they meet Jesus and connect into a local church as part of their time at uni. Also, pray that they thrive and live life to the full.


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