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Choices Islington: No one in London should face a pregnancy alone

Caring for people through the dilemma of a pregnancy crisis and beyond

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The generosity of Stewardship givers has helped Choices start 2024 with a transformed inspiration behind their vision. They are now equipped to be able to invest more time into supporting women through their pregnancy crisis and produce wonderful outcomes like this:

I'm not sure if you will remember but we spoke earlier in the year about my unplanned pregnancy. I wanted to tell you that we recently welcomed our new baby girl into the world and can't imagine life without her. I would like to thank you for your time and support at that difficult moment, and for helping me to think about my situation and options.

- Counselling client

These moments are so encouraging and let Choices know how much of a difference they are able to make in the lives of pregnant women. One thing that their clients always say is ‘we wish we had known Choices existed earlier’. They want to respond to this challenge and ensure that for those women who need support, whether they are in crisis facing an unplanned pregnancy or would like counselling following an abortion or through their pregnancy, they know Choices are there for them.

A brave and bold plan for 2024

This year Choices are planning to do three key things:

  1. Expand the hours in their counselling service, supporting more women in response to rising demand.
  2. Continue to improve and expand 'Choices Boutique', giving more women and their young children in need of help the basics they need, such as baby clothes and equipment, and linking them up with our other services.
  3. Expand their marketing and fundraising, to support their future sustainability, and to enable them to reach many more people - both potential clients in need of our services, and potential donors seeking to make a charitable donation.

They would love you to join them on their journey.

Who is Choices?

Choices supports women and their partners through unplanned pregnancy and with concerns following abortion. They also give practical and emotional help with parenting, provide counselling for women in prison, and offer relationship courses.


Your support can help Choices achieve their goals in 2024.



You can find out more about the work that Choices do the positive impact that they are having by visiting their website.


  • For wisdom as Choices' team see ever more complex counselling clients
  • That more clients would become aware of their services so that they can access them
  • For team safety and wellbeing, particularly as one of the team is going on maternity leave 


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