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Philanthropy Services Fees

What do we do with your fees?

Just like the churches and charities we support, Stewardship is a not-for-profit too. 

So when the administrative costs of services are covered, any surplus is reinvested into supporting charitable activities such as training, events and resources.


Stewardship is a not-for-profit organisation and our costs are always kept as low as possible. We reinvest any extra income into supporting charitable causes such as church planting and training Christian workers. It’s a joy to partner with you in this Kingdom work.


  • No account opening fee

  • Strengthens Christian causes

  • Optional bespoke services available


Donor Advised Fund and Philanthropy Fund

Donor Advised Fund   Philanthropy Fund
For those who want to give £25,000 or more   

For those wishing to establish a giving fund of £500,000+

2% gift (+Gift Aid)   0.5% Annual Service charge up to £2.5 million
Annual fees are capped at £5,000 per calendar year  

For funds above £2.5m fees will be applied according to selected investment options

Other charges for bespoke services are available on request


Stewardship America

Gifts In

There is no charge to open a Stewardship America Donor Fund. We will make a deduction from gifts into your fund to cover our costs and for ongoing development of the service. 

These prices assume that a gift will be received by Stewardship America and then either donated directly to a UK charity, or more often, transferred to a Donor Advised Fund within Stewardship (the operating name of Stewardship Services (UKET) Limited, our principal UK-registered charity).

If you would like to make a gift of £500,000 or more, please contact us.

    Cash gifts up to £500,000 (£ or US$)* Gifts of US or UK Listed Shares*  



Minimum Gift  

£5,000 single gift or USD equivalent

(or £12,000 annually/£1,000 per month)

£10,000 single gift or USD equivalent
Our Charges   4% of the gift (including Gift Aid) for all gifts up to £500k (or USD equivalent), with a minimum charge of £100 and maximum charge of £5,000 per gift.

4% of the gift, with a maximum charge depending on the complexity of the shares being gifted.

Other Costs   Your bank may deduct a transfer fee.

Our broker will make a charge to receive and sell the shares. We will deduct this charge from the sale proceeds before crediting them to your Fund.

Your broker may charge a fee for transferring the shares to Stewardship America.

*Either a single gift or planned gifts over 12 months


Additional fees may apply where Stewardship America incurs higher costs and fees than standard. This may include, but is not limited to:


  • Costs associated with the acceptance of non-cash gifts (legal fees, foreign exchange differences, share trading gains/losses etc.).
  • Investment charges for balances held within your Fund.

Grants Out

International Fees

If you would like to request a donation overseas, an additional deduction of 1% will apply. This fee is applied at the point of payment to the partner.

If an overseas charity is not yet registered with Stewardship or Stewardship America, the following one-off set-up fee will also be deducted. We’ll validate the charity to ensure that they are eligible to receive funds.

Where is the charity registered?* Set-up fee (including VAT)*
Category A (country score 60+): USA, Australia, Belgium, Norway £90
Category B (country score 30-59): Argentina, Bulgaria, India, South Africa £120
Category C (country score 0-30): Iraq, North Korea, Venezuela, Zimbabwe £180

*Categories are based on country scores allocated by the Corruption Perceptions Index


Grants from your Stewardship America Donor Fund to partner churches and charities

For grants out of your Donor Advised Fund, minimum values will be as follows:

Minimum value for grants to US churches and charities

US $1,000

International fees apply

Minimum value for grants to overseas churches and charities


(or USD equivalent)

International fees apply
Minimum value for grants to UK churches and charities (including Stewardship)


(or USD equivalent)

No additional charges will be taken by Stewardship in relation to their receipt of a grant from Stewardship America into a Stewardship Donor Advised Fund.

From your Stewardship account, you can set up regular donations of any amount, with no minimum value. Typically, gifts to UK charities from Stewardship accounts attract no further charges.

Additional fees may apply where Stewardship America incurs higher costs and fees than standard. This may include, but is not limited to:


  • Bespoke philanthropy services.
  • Higher levels of due diligence in respect of complex outgoing donation requests.

Start your journey with us

For some, it's a desire to bring about change to our local and global communities. For others, it's a response to God's generosity. Whatever your goal, our first step together is to arrange an initial consultation or visit to discuss your philanthropic needs.