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If your church or Christian charity currently relies on Virgin Money Giving for your online giving and fundraising – we can help you

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It’s likely that thousands of churches and Christian charities will be impacted by the announcement made by Virgin Money Giving last week that it will close on 30th November 2021.

The good news is that many thousands of churches and Christian charities are already registered with us to receive funds at the request of their supporters and don’t need to look for another alternative.

A fundraising partner you can rely on

For over 100 years, we have helped Christians, charities and churches activate generosity, resource their calling and make a difference in Jesus' name.

In the 2020 financial year, we reported a £30.2 million increase in grants made to over 6,000 churches, 2,500 Christian workers and 4,500 charities registered with us, despite many charities seeing substantial drops in income due to the pandemic.

Switching from Virgin Money Giving, or another provider, couldn’t be easier

If you already have an active Partner Account for Churches and Charities with us, you have everything you need available to you from your partner page at stewardship.org.uk:

  • One-off gifts by credit and debit cards can be made in support of your ministry
  • Regular monthly giving by Direct Debit can be set up
  • Unlimited fundraising and sponsorship pages can also be set up for use by you or your supporters

You can link from your website, emails or social accounts directly to your page on stewardship.org.uk and start receiving donations immediately.

You can manage your Partner Account online at any time, giving you the freedom to update your profile, launch new appeals, or download supporter details and reports at your convenience.

There are no subscription fees to pay and we operate on a clear, transparent pricing model, with a small amount of each gift made helping cover our running costs as a charity.

Appeal to more givers by enriching your profile

We have a community of generous givers searching our website for new partners and charities to support every day. First impressions count, so it's really important that your profile is updated with your correct logo, vision or mission statement and positioning. You can do all of this from within your partner account.

Please ensure that you update any wording on your own pages (social media, website, newsletters, etc) that still refer to give.net or reflect our old branding. 'give.net' has now simply switched to 'Stewardship'.

Did you know that you can use your account to fundraise with us as well?

Since 2012, our Fundraising tools have helped thousands of charitable causes raise over £27 million online. Formerly known as give.net, Stewardship's Fundraising tools for churches and charities makes it easy for your church members or supporters to donate online:

  • Any donations are sent as grants and go directly into your bank account.
  • We'll also add Gift Aid instantly for you, boosting your income and saving time on admin.

You can download new fundraising badges here to create links to your profile page or other fundraising pages you create. Use these to encourage your supporters to create fundraising pages on stewardship.org.uk, to support your work.

Read our blog on how you can start fundraising for your ministry through combining the power of relationship and generosity with your mission.

"Virgin Money Giving's announcement and the speed with which they plan to end operations will come as a surprise to many and we are already receiving calls and requests for help from many churches and Christian charities who made use of their service.

As the only Christian platform offering online donations by card, fundraising appeal pages and a suite of other services, we are already able to step in and fill the gap for those left in a spin by the announcement."

Daniel Jones – Chief Generosity Officer, Stewardship

If you are a church or Christian charity and find yourself needing support at this time, please get in touch. If you're not registered with Stewardship (or not sure if you are), why not sign up today?

t 020 8418 8182

e [email protected]

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