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In the last year and a half there has been a clear and growing need to raise more financial support in the charity sector, but the need in the Church is just as stark.

With church buildings closed for many months, the loss of rental and events income has hit hard, not to mention the sudden loss of cash giving from the offering plate in certain services and the large number of churches who did not have online giving set up.

At Stewardship, we want to serve the Church and Christian charities in this time as well as those generous supporters who volunteer and give to make mission and ministry happen.

So with the advent of our new website, let’s get you started fundraising with Stewardship.

If you’re a church or charity who doesn’t have a Partner Account for Churches and Charities you can sign up here.

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Once your account is open, we will automatically create a profile page which you need to update with your logo, and information about your organisation and the work you do.

When you have completed your profile in your Partner Account it will appear in our partner pages on stewardship.org.uk. You can see what it looks like by searching in ‘Find your cause’ here

You then have options for how to link this profile to your own website. It’s pretty straightforward and you can use buttons we have already created so that you can add them to your website.

Now that’s done, people can find you on your Stewardship partner page or they can support you through your own website. Simple.

If you have something specific to fundraise for or if you just need to raise more general funds, you can create a fundraising page to intentionally grab people’s attention to get involved and support you.

Most organisations stop there and hope that people will just start giving, but if you spend a little time getting your supporters excited about creating their own fundraisers for your church or charity, your supporters can reach far more people than you can.

Release the power of other people’s generosity by envisioning them to raise support on your behalf and when they are ready, they can simply open a giving account and then create their own fundraiser for your charity. People can get creative and do something crazy to get people excited about supporting them as they support you.

To give you an idea of what that could look like you can see what Speak Life have been doing.

When you combine the power of relationship and generosity with your mission there’s a whole lot more potential about to be released.

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Written by

John Keskeys

John works alongside churches and charities, establishing effective partnerships for the gospel. He leads Stewardship’s national church planting strategy and builds strong relationships with partners to help them achieve their long-term goals.

Originally from Newcastle, John is now an adopted southerner having lived in Essex for the last 25 years. His family put up with his love of Newcastle United, adventure and bushcraft. He has a desire to support Local Church, Bible and Church Planting causes.