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Inviting Generous Giving to your Partner Account for Churches and Charities

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At Stewardship we believe in active generosity and believe that giving to causes that you care about should be as straightforward as possible. However, we recognise that for our recipient partners, asking people to give can feel daunting. In this hybrid age, how can we best invite generous giving?  

If you haven’t already, make sure that your Stewardship profile is up to date and consider how you can best inspire generosity when people visit it by reading this blog post.

Once you have an up-to-date profile or an appeal page that you would like to share, here are three key ways to point supporters to give with Stewardship: 

1. Signpost on your website 

We would encourage every church or charity to have a designated area on their website about giving. This page can be used to tell supporters what their support enables and how they can get involved – financially or otherwise. 

Here is some sample wording you can amend if you don’t know where to start: 

“Thank you for considering giving to St Michael’s. Your financial support enables us to have our weekly Sunday services, host Tea & Toys for local families mid-week, run our seeker Bible-study course for those considering the Christian faith, and so much more.

If you are able to make a regular or one-off gift to support our ongoing work, please give to St Michael’s with Stewardship. Gifts made with Stewardship really save us time and decrease our admin burden, particularly around Gift Aid. You can easily manage your regular giving with Stewardship with their online Giving Account, or by contacting their team of friendly Giving Stewards.

You can set up a regular gift or make a one-off donation online by clicking the button/link below. Thank you for your generous support!” 

We would strongly recommend that you make use of our free website buttons to create an eye-catching link to your profile or fundraising and donation pages. 

2. Make use of our QR code resources 

QR codes act as a bridge between the offline and online world, by directing people to a website with a unique code image. It is free to generate QR codes, and they provide a helpful way to direct people to giving with their smartphone.

By including a QR code in your church’s service sheet or your charity’s appeal letters, supporters can quickly give whenever they wish. We have created some template posters and postcards for our partners, which you can use in your buildings, at conferences, and wherever else you interact with supporters.

Customise your QR code resources using our Canva templates: 

3. Share on social media 

Use your church or charity’s social media to share your profile or pages with a short appeal to give. Keep the wording of your social media post short and sweet, leading with your cause’s mission and vision. To ensure the best engagement from your followers online, use an eye-catching image. We have created some templates for posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Design your own social media assets using our Canva templates: 

We hope you found this article useful for making the most of your Partner Account. If you would like any further guidance on using your account, please contact our Church and Charity team who would be delighted to assist you.  

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Written by

Clare Lucas

Clare works within the Partner Services division as Head of Church and Charity Giving. She works with our church and charity partners, helping them become better resourced for their mission. She is passionate about strengthening the relationship between givers and causes as part of facilitating true gospel partnership in the 21st century.

Prior to her role at Stewardship, Clare worked with churches to foster active generosity, with a focus on digital giving. She has worked in the Christian charity sector since 2016 and has experienced financial support raising first-hand in both the church and charity context. She currently serves as a trustee for a newly established charity, seeking to support ministry trainees.

Clare lives in North London and enjoys a good cup of coffee by the canal.