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The 10 weirdest harvest foodbank offerings

person Alexandra Khan
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You might have seen a steadily increasing array of items appearing on your Harvest table at church in the last few weeks. Heinz Baked Beans stacked to the rafters alongside endless boxes of Kellogg's Corn Flakes - these have become the expected signs of thanksgiving at this time of year.

Most churches will send these goods to a local Foodbank, who in turn distribute it to those that need it most in the local community. Our gratitude at Harvest transforms into generosity. And it makes an incredible difference.

To celebrate Harvest this year, Stewardship asked Jolene at the Trussell Trust Foodbank to tell us the top ten weirdest donations they've ever received. Move aside, baked beans, these items take the biscuit:

The top ten weirdest Foodbank donations:

  1. A jar of pickled stags head
  2. Belugar caviar
  3. Half a bag of cold chips
  4. A tin of curried haggis
  5. A bag of chicken blood
  6. A packet of dried empty snail shells
  7. Pickled walnuts
  8. Octopus pieces
  9. Tinned cheese
  10. A tin of crispy baby clams with anchovies

Jolene said that the Foodbank was incredibly grateful for every donation...even the - well - slightly bizarre ones. "Surprisingly, octopus came up three times!" she said. ‘We’re continually delighted by the generosity of everyone who donates, even when they give stag’s head!’

You can find out more about the Trussell Trust here.

What does Harvest mean to you this year? Has your church donated to a Foodbank? Let us know in the comments below.

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