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Introducing the new-look Stewardship Individual Account

By Bethan Walker | 8 August 2019


Stewardship's recipient account for individuals has a brand new look!

It's been completely redesigned to provide recipients with a much smarter way to view and manage their financial support online. It features new and improved reporting tools and, for the first time, offers compatibility across mobile devices.

If you already have an individual recipient account with Stewardship, be one of the first to update to the new-look Stewardship Individual Account today.


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What's new? 

Let's take a closer look at what the new-look Stewardship Individual Account has to offer.


1. Account overview

Account holders can easily check their monthly support from their home page, swiping left and right for an overview of their supporters and current balance and swiping down to view their last five transactions.




2. Navigating the account

Account holders can tap on the circular profile button to access their account profile, settings and to sign out, or tap on the menu icon to access account Activity and Insights.



3. Viewing payments from Stewardship

Within the menu icon, account holders can tap Activity to access information about their transactions and payments. They can refine what they see using the filters.



4. Find out who your supporters are

Within the menu icon, account holders can tap Insights to access a full list of their regular and one-off supporters. They can see a supporters name, contact details (unless they've chosen to remain anonymous) and their gift amount. 




Have your say

Once you've updated to the new-look Stewardship Individual Account, please take our five minute survey to tell us all about your experience. Your feedback will help shape future updates and improvements as the new-look account continues to be developed. Sign into your account and tap Provide feedback. Alternatively, send us an email or leave a comment below.


Posted by Bethan Walker

Bethan is a marketing and communications executive at Stewardship. Bethan has worked in marketing for seven years and now enjoys working in the not-for-profit sector having previously worked in Professional Services. 


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