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New Feature: To Gift Aid, or not to Gift Aid?

For people who want to control when they Gift Aid their donations.

Emily Kendall Emily Kendall
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New feature

Many of our givers choose a Stewardship Giving Account for their charitable giving because of the flexibility it offers and Stewardship's Instant Gift Aid. Whether you’re wanting to give to your church, a local charity or your friend in ministry, you can do so easily and securely with just a few clicks. 

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Toggle on, Toggle off

Our new Gift Aid ‘toggle’ feature adds even more flexibility and allows anyone who has a signed Gift Aid declaration to ‘toggle on’ or ‘toggle off’ adding Gift Aid on top-ups into the account. You may be approaching the threshold of your Gift Aid allowance, yet you want the flexibility to continue giving without Gift Aid. Now you can.

Additional clarity on fees 

We’re also providing more clarity on the fee that’s deducted. When you toggle Gift Aid on or off, you’ll see the fee change to reflect that.

Fancy giving it a go yourself? Simply sign into your Stewardship Giving Account and select ‘top-up’ from the dashboard. You can find this on the black banner at the top, or just below the banner where you can see your available balance.

Once you’re there, enter in the amount you wish to give and you’ll see that the button will turn grey when toggled off.

Gift Aid toggle on/off screen

 Select a funding source and click continue – your balance has been topped up.

Payment method

We love building a balance as it enables unrestrained generosity when needs arise.

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Written by

Emily Kendall

Emily helps to lead the Giving Services Team and loves creating an ‘above and beyond’ customer experience. She enjoys enabling the team to use their unique gifts in the day-to-day work of serving Stewardship’s generous donor base. With a degree in Psychology and previous roles focussed on customer service, communications and Christian mission, Emily stands in good stead to serve Stewardship’s clients in their giving journey’s.

Emily currently lives in South London and is an active member of St Nick’s Church. In her spare time, Emily loves exploring new places or catching up with friends and family over a good meal!