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Five reasons why the Stewardship Giving Account is better than multiple Direct Debits

Make your charitable giving quick, easy and more rewarding.

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Most of us are familiar with setting up a Direct Debit to give to charity. It’s a relatively easy and straightforward process, but what if we told you there’s an even better way to give? A way that is easier, safer, and gives you the flexibility to give again and again to whoever you want at the click of a button.

Interested? Here are five reasons we think the Stewardship Giving Account is better than multiple banking transactions for you and your giving:

Five reasons why the Giving Account is better than multiple Direct Debits

  1. Reduce your record keeping and admin. Instead of making individual donations to multiple charities, you can consolidate your giving through your Stewardship Giving Account. It’s so simple to make changes, add charities or re-allocate your giving. Less admin means more time to enjoy your generosity.

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  2. Share your generosity, not your data. With a single Direct Debit to your Stewardship Giving Account, there's no need to share your personal information every time you want to support a cause. Organise all your giving, all in one place and keep your data safe.

  3. Discover causes you can trust. Our 13,000 registered charities partners are subject to Stewardship’s detailed application and approval process to ensure they meet charity standards and our Christian charitable objectives.

  4. Make a bigger difference, quicker. Stewardship’s Instant Gift Aid means we boost your support by 25% at the point of donation on all eligible gifts. This means the causes you support receive the Gift Aid instantly and without having to claim it from HMRC themselves. Saving them time and admin hassle.
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  5. Give without the guilt. When did you last review your giving? Is your giving more ‘set and forget’ than active and intentional?  It’s easy to fall into passive habits if you give with Direct Debit. Stay on top of your support and enjoy your giving by organising all your support, all in one place. 

    Convinced? Discover a world of active generosity and unlock the power of a Stewardship Giving Account.

    If you already have a Giving Account, sign in and search for the charitable causes you want to support, add them to your account with a regular gift – job done!

    If you would like to start using a Giving Account start here and you’ll be giving in a better way in no time at all.

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Written by

Pod Bhogal

Pod joined Stewardship in 2019 having previously held several marketing roles, including Head of Faculty Marketing at Oxford Brookes University and Head of Marketing and Product at Scripture Union.

Through raising awareness of Stewardship’s services, he helps people explore the impact their generosity can make in strengthening the church and Christian charities. He’s passionate about supporting Local Church, Evangelism and Bible causes, with a particular interest in charities using digital technology to give people the opportunity to meet Jesus.