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Morocco earthquake appeals

Stewardship registered charities launch emergency appeals

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Late on Friday, Morocco experienced a formidable seismic event, registering a magnitude of 6.8 on the Richter scale. The epicentre was situated approximately 43 miles south of Marrakesh.

This earthquake stands as the most powerful ever recorded in the region and had far-reaching effects, with tremors felt as distant as Portugal and Algeria. Tragically, the toll of this disaster continues to mount with over 2,500 lives lost. The casualty count is rising steadily as rescue operations strive to save those trapped in the rubble.

Please pray for those who are suffering and for the many charities that are responding to the crisis. You can also support them by making a one-off or regular donation by signing into your Stewardship Giving Account or making a gift directly.

Barnabas Aid (formally Barnabas Fund) 

Barnabas Aid works to provide hope and aid for Christians who are suffering from discrimination, injustice, violence or persecution because of their faith.



The Christian community in Morocco is small but determined to help. Believers have rushed to donate blood to help the injured.  Barnabus Christian project partners in Morocco want to take food, blankets, clothes and medicines to the affected areas.

Will you pray and can you support?

Support Barnabas Aid

Help the Persecuted (HTP)

A Field Team from HTP were on the ground and helping very soon after the earthquake had happened. The team distributed funds and basic relief supplies to those who had lost everything, praying with each recipient. They also aided in rescuing people from the rubble of the remote towns affected at the base of the Atlas mountains. They are currently making lists of key supplies, hoping to bring survivors in the most remote areas with all they need to survive in the coming days and weeks. The devastation goes much deeper than these tangible needs.

Bassam, a Field Ministry team leader in Morocco shared:

“These people watched their family members—even their children—die before their eyes and could do absolutely nothing. We listened to their sufferings and prayed with them, but they will need so much more care...”

Would you prayerfully consider giving so that our team can meet every need with tangible help and the hope found in Jesus?

Support Help the Persecuted


SAT-7 exists to give the people of the Middle East and North Africa an opportunity to hear and respond to the Good News of Jesus Christ. Chris Beddoes, Operations Director for SAT-7 UK, describes what happened when the quake hit.

”At just after 11pm, my wife and I felt a jolt and noise and thought someone was trying to break into our hotel room. We then felt a huge rumble and the hotel started violently shaking from side to side, accompanied by the crashing of glass and tiles with clouds of dust. We managed to get to a stairwell, avoiding the debris before exiting the hotel. No one around us was badly injured, but it’s terrible to see the death toll rising. Please keep praying into this situation and for SAT-7 viewers to know the comfort of Jesus at this time.”

Please pray for the SAT-7’s Arabic team as they seek to bring the Lord’s comfort to viewers through TV programmes and digital media, across the affected region.

Support SAT-7

British Red Cross

The British Red Cross has launched an emergency appeal in response to the devastating earthquake in Morocco.  Moroccan Red Crescent volunteers responded in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, providing first aid and emotional support to those affected. Richard Blewitt, Executive Director of International for the British Red Cross, said:

"This earthquake has left hundreds dead and many more injured. People have lost their homes, loved ones and livelihoods, and sadly the full scale of the destruction is only likely to become apparent in the coming days. If you can, please support to help us provide vital humanitarian relief to the people affected by this appalling disaster."

Support British Red Cross


In any emergency, children are always among the most vulnerable. While it is still unclear how many children have been impacted by the destruction, many people, including children, are likely to have been displaced due to their homes being destroyed, or because they are afraid of returning to damaged homes. 

The Government of Morocco is leading on search and rescue efforts. UNICEF is following the situation closely and is ready to support the Government of Morocco to meet the urgent needs of families.

Support UNICEF


International disaster relief charity ShelterBox is sending an emergency assessment team to Morocco, following Friday's earthquake. Emergency Response Manager, Dave Raybould, says they will be finding out what support is needed and if they are well placed to help:

”It's going to take time to fully understand the extent of the damage and how many people are without shelter. Looking at the reports, access routes between mountain villages are currently blocked with rubble and communication networks are severely affected. We know buildings have been flattened and the ones that are still standing are unsafe for people to stay in and that creates uncertainty and panic. We've seen those situations before and people have little choice but to sleep out in the open.”

ShelterBox specialises in emergency shelter and is experienced in responding to earthquakes, having most recently responded in Turkey and Syria.

Support ShelterBox

Fundraising for Morocco Earthquake Relief

Oxford Bible Church

The Oxford Bible Church Trust Ltd has set up a fundraising page to support the relief efforts following the Morocco Earthquake.

Support Oxford Bible Church's Appeal

Jacob's Well

Jacob’s Well has launched an appeal to help the victims of this quake. The charity is receiving regular updates and have people in place to help with the distribution of aid. Your support will be used to pay for medical supplies, food and shelter for those immediately affected by this earthquake, and to help those affected with the cost of rebuilding.

Support Jacob's Well's Appeal

We’ll be updating our list of Stewardship charity partners and fundraisers that are responding to the crisis. 

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