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Seven charities to support during Mental Health Awareness week

Spotlighting those who are providing valuable help

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A timely opportunity to focus on mental health

Mental Health Awareness week is an opportunity for us to think more deeply about the impact of mental health issues in our communities. The Mental Health Foundation reports that over a quarter of us will experience some form of mental health illness during our lifetime (1). Thankfully, there are many organisations who are supporting, caring and offering hope to those in need.

We’ve curated a selection of seven charity partners who represent a breadth of services you can support - please also check out our page dedicated to mental and physical health.

Bridge Builders Ministries

In a world where tension and difference is an everyday occurrence, Bridge Builders seeks to apply the gospel of reconciliation into troubled situations. Bridge Builders inspires and equips people to handle conflict in the communities where they live. Whether at home, church or in the workplace. They are passionate about peace and believe that learning to live well has the potential to completely transform relationships for good.



Intentional Health

Intentional Health warn there is significant risk of suffering from preventable diseases and health poverty because people don’t know about simple lifestyle changes they can make. Intentional Health courses are challenging this outcome by educating communities through courses based upon biblical truth and public health guidelines. The courses are available for all and can help people live life well now by exploring healthier options for mind, body and soul.



Kintsugi Hope

‘Kintsugi’ means golden joinery in Japanese and is a technique for repairing pottery with seams of gold. When brokenness is repaired the object becomes even more beautiful and unique than it was before. Instead of hiding the scars it makes a feature of them. Kintsugi Hope exists to create safe and supportive spaces for people suffering from mental and emotional health challenges through groups, talks, projects and advocacy.


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Linking Lives

Linking Lives is an award-winning national Christian charity passionate about reducing loneliness among older people. They achieve this by working with churches to set up befriending schemes which provide opportunities for home visits, telephone calls and other activities. You can read more about the vision for Linking Lives and the impact they are having in our blog post where Jeremy Sharpe, National Director of Linking Lives UK outlines five ways we can help older people with loneliness.



Renew Wellbeing

Renew Wellbeing aims to bring an end to isolation and improve mental health for all. They help churches open wellbeing cafes in partnership with local mental health teams. The charity has seen positive impact by being present and prayerful in spaces where ‘it’s okay to not be okay’. They’re excited for churches to hear God's call to bring all that is great about wellbeing in a local church community and bring it out onto the high street.

A quote from a regular visitor to one of the wellbeing cafes sums up the impact it is having, "You have no idea what a difference Friday mornings have made to my confidence and self esteem. They have changed an isolated, withdrawn old lady into one who feels ready to face the world”.


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Teen Challenge UK

Initially started by David Wilkerson in New York, Teen Challenge UK is part of the Global Teen Challenge family which sees operation in 110 nations around the world. Their aim is to place hope within easy reach of every addict. They have 16 outreach teams who operate on the streets in 54 locations. They also have six residential rehabilitation centers with 134 beds.



Trauma Recovery Centre (TRC)

TRC is a specialist team which helps families who are recovering from complex trauma. They provide creative psychotherapy for children and young people and educational strategies for parents and carers. Their focus of support is with victims of abuse and human trafficking, child exploitation and refugees, with the aim to help them piece their lives back together and discover wholeness.



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(1)    https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/sites/default/files/2022-06/The-Fundamental-facts-about-mental-health-2016.pdf

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Becoming a Christian later in life Matt is keen to share his ever growing love of Jesus and study of the Bible with others. He is also a very keen supporter of charities with the same aim.