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19,000 charitable causes at your fingertips.

With a Stewardship Giving Account you can find and support any one of our 19,000 charitable recipients at the touch of the button. No forms, no phone calls, no fuss.

Or - if you want to give, but don't know what cause to support yet - you can build a balance to give another day.

A Stewardship Giving Account is a secure and easy way to organise your giving online. It only takes a few minutes to set up and allows you to credit your account and request donations to charitable causes in just a few simple steps.

Use your giving account to support Charities, Churches and approved individuals in, or studying for, full-time Christian work.

Plus, we'll automatically claim Gift Aid on your donation, adding 25p to every £1 you give.


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 How a giving account works




how it works

A Stewardship giving account works in a similar way to a bank account...

You make gifts into your giving account and whenever you want to support a charitable cause, simply request a donation from your account.

You can credit your giving account using Credit or Debit card, Direct Debit or cheque.

why use a giving account?

Find out just a few of the benefits of having an online charitable giving account...

giving with Stewardship is simple    


Support as many charitable causes as you like using just one Direct Debit.

giving with Stewardship is flexible    


You can choose to organise your regular giving or make one-off gifts with your giving account. Log in to your account at any time to request donations, credit your account and search our 19,000+ registered churches, charities and full-time Christian workers.

giving with Stewardship is convenient    


You can keep track of you giving by accessing your balance and giving history online.

giving with Stewardship is tax-effective    

Tax effective

Increase your giving by 25%. When you use your Stewardship giving account, we will automatically claim Gift Aid on your donation, adding 25p to every £1 you give.

you can give anonymously with Stewardship    


You can request donations without your name on them, if you choose.





do you charge?

Learn more about our fees and how we use them to further charitable causes...

Typically, just 3% of gifts made into accounts goes to help pay our bills, but we’re a charity too, so there are no profits at the end of the year. Anything left goes straight back into supporting our charitable activities.

Over 25,000 people currently choose to give with Stewardship. Want to see what all the fuss is about? Open a Stewardship giving account today.


“We opened a Stewardship account so that we could track our giving more easily. We also wanted to make it easier to give one-off for places where we don’t usually give."

Luke and Rebecca Bacon

Luke and Rebecca Bacon