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10 Charities to help you support the persecuted Church

Catherine Durant Catherine Durant
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If you're looking into how you can support the persecuted Church worldwide, the charities listed below are a good place to start.













How can I be sure one of these organizations is not stealing my contributions? Is Voice of Martyrs legitimate?
Thank you!

VOMC is a long-standing ministry based in Canada - you can find out about them from their website: https://www.vomcanada.com/aboutvomc.htm

On that page they explain that they continue the work of Richard Wurmbrand who was persecuted for his Christian faith in Romania, you may know of his book "Tortured for Christ." In the UK Release International also owes its beginnings to Wurmbrand's inspiration. I don't think there is any structural connection between the two, but they do from time to time share resources. I hope this helps.

It's funny you say that. I just purchased 2 dvds and donated $25 to VOM last night, and after I have considered giving quite a bit more, I decided to review its legitimacy and was disheartened, but found word was going around about the VOM organization. Richard W.'s son wrote a letter to VOM and publicly placed it online. I just have no idea to find out how things are legit really, but so far I've found guidestar.org and charitynavigator.org as a couple of websites that help display transparency. But even at that I don't know where they get their information from or if it has been tampered with as well. It's overwhelming trying to be a good steward of God's blessing with money, but I want to be a wise and faithful servant of Christ, and find diligence in seeking the truth is necessary, as all things will be brought into account in the Day of our Lord's coming. I almost just want to go out there myself and ensure His people's needs are met, but if He would be kind to lead me from people that aren't self-indulgent to someone He entrusts to care for His people, I would be very happy to supply. Even so, I'm going to have to pray more about it and trust the Lord.

Yes we do need to support those who are facing persecution for being Christians. However, I question whether that should be to Charities which, over the years, I have found to be anti Israel, as is the case with some of those on this list.

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