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Celia Morris-Sanchez
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Celia Morris-Sanchez

Church and Charity Customer Support Executive

Celia works in customer support and helps churches and charities to access and use their partner accounts to their full potential. She joined Stewardship in 2019 as part of the Partnerships’ Hospitality Team until taking on this new role in 2020. She has worked in many sectors within the faith and secular spheres, from retail to entertainment. The key element being relational work with an emphasis on communication and service for the benefit of others.

Celia lives in North London with her husband and daughter; she loves walks by the sea, reading, and organising her daughter’s Lego card collection.

Celia supports causes that care for the marginalised in society and seek to restore and support the mental wellbeing of all: from giving them the basic needs of food and shelter, to lobbying for greater scrutiny of the exploitation of others, to restoring their hope through counselling and showing them the light of Jesus.