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feet at a crossroad

Is risk management right for churches?

The book of Acts shows a church willing to take risks as it embarked on the adventure that God put before it. For some modern day churches risk, and the fear of its consequences, means hiding away in the church building. This paper explains why effective risk management gives a church a powerful tool as it joins God's adventure.

Topics covered:

  • What is risk in a church context?
  • What is the relationship between risk, faith and action?
  • Is risk a reason for churches to 'play it safe'?
  • How does risk management help churches manage risk accept?
  • What does the Charity Commission say about risk management?
  • What does risk management look like for churches?
  • What actions might a church take when faced with risk?
  • Why a risk register is a useful tool for churches;
  • When church trustees need to report on the risks faced by a church.