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Policies for churches/charities – social media usage

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Whilst most churches and charities would encourage the use of social media, certain standards are required to be observed by everyone involved. Social media use can raise issues and risks for churches and charities, particularly relating to problematic content. The difference between a personal and professional opinion can be blurred on social media, particularly if discussing issues relating to church or charity work. Publication and commentary on social media carry similar obligations to any other kind of publication or commentary in the public domain, even though the format may be far less formal. This template policy and its associated guidelines provide the basis of a social media usage policy and can be easily adapted by churches and charities to fit their own particular situation.

Topics included:

  • Why is it important for churches and Christian charities to have a social media usage policy?
  • What are the legal issues involved in social media usage?
  • How can a church or charity manage their social media channels effectively?
  • What guidelines should be put in place to manage the risks associated with organisational social media use?
  • How should complaints on social media be handled?
  • What constitutes appropriate conduct for personal social media accounts?
  • What steps should churches and charities take in training their staff and volunteers in the area of their responsibilities on social media usage?

Updated July 2023


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