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Policies for churches/charities – Risk Management

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The book of Acts shows a church willing to take risks as it embarks on the adventure that God put before it. For some modern day churches and other Christian charities risk, and the fear of its consequences, means hiding away. So, far from being a restraint, a good risk management policy can provide liberation for a church or charity safe in the knowledge that its key risks are being monitored and managed. This template policy and the associated guidelines provide the basis for a risk management policy which churches and charities can easily adapt to meet their own particular circumstances.

Topics included

  • What does a risk management policy for a church or Christian charity look like?
  • How should churches and Christian charities go about identifying and assessing risk?
  • What options to churches and charities have when it comes to managing risk?
  • Why is residual risk important when considering risk management for churches and charities?