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Policies for Churches/Charities – Reserves

Amount: £10.00

The Charity Commission makes clear that trustees have a responsibility to formulate a reserves policy that is appropriate to their own situation. The Commission does not provide specific guidance on the level for such a policy. This leaves trustees with the task of deciding what factors are important when it comes to formulating an appropriate reserves policy. This policy template and the associated guidelines help trustees think through what might be a suitable reserves policy for their Church or Christian charity.

Topics included:

  • What is the purpose behind churches and Christian charities holding reserves?
  • What should the trustees of churches and Christian charities consider when calculating the appropriate level of reserves?
  • Can churches and charities include restricted funds when calculating reserves?
  • How often should churches and charities review their reserves policy?
  • What should churches and charities do when reserves grow beyond that which the trustees consider to be appropriate?

Updated July 2022

Please note that this is one of the ten policies which form the Policies for churches/charities – complete pack.