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Policies for churches/charities – complete pack

Amount: £48.00

There is a change in the climate when it comes to charity governance. Partly in response to recent issues within prominent charities, the Charity Commission is expecting greater professionalism from trustees and expects to see in all charities a compliance and governance culture, with policies playing an important role in shaping that culture. Good, well-thought-through policies help to meet these heightened expectations whilst also providing a number of benefits for churches. This policy pack offers ten template policies (including associated guidelines) for churches or charities to adapt to meet their own particular circumstances. The pack has been updated to include most of the policies in the 2023 Charity Commission annual return, with the exceptions of safeguarding, campaigns and political activity, and engaging external speakers for charity events. An additional policy on anti-money laundering and terrorist financing, which is increasingly required by banks when opening new accounts, is included in the pack.

Topics included:

  • Policy templates included
    • Risk management
    • Investment
    • Conflicts of interest
    • Complaints handling
    • Reserves
    • Anti-money laundering, terrorist financing and bribery
    • Anti-harassment and bullying
    • Serious incident reporting
    • Social media usage
    • Trustee expenses

Updated August 2023.