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Policies for churches/charities – anti-harassment and bullying

Amount: £10.00

As organisations that have workers (paid and unpaid), members and those attending meetings and activities, it is inevitable that churches and charities will be the subject of a level of personal frictions. Issues can arise due to different perceptions of intentions, personal or cultural style, or from a particular situation of stress. At a time when Christian ministries have been adversely affected by accusations of bullying against leaders, it is more important than ever to be alert to issues that might point towards more serious underlying situations and attitudes. This template policy and its associated guidelines provide the basis of an anti-harassment and bullying policy and can be easily adapted by churches and charities to fit their own particular situation.

Topics included:

  • Why is it important for churches and Christian charities to have an anti-harassment and bullying policy?
  • What processes should be put in place to ensure that all are treated with dignity and respect, while enabling legitimate and constructive criticism?
  • How can a church or charity identify where harassment and bullying are taking place?
  • What should a church or charity do if an allegation of harassment or bullying is made?
  • What steps should churches and charities take in training their staff and volunteers in the area of anti-harassment and bullying?

Updated July 2023

Please note that this is one of the ten policies which form the Policies for churches/charities – complete pack.



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