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Do you know how your church or charity's grants are being used?

For many churches and Christian charities, providing grants to other organisations can be a good way of extending your organisation's reach into areas that would otherwise prove difficult. Whilst encouraging this continued generosity, this paper (which focuses primarily on UK grants) also looks at the regulatory concerns that accompany grant-making.

Topics covered:

  • Grant-making by churches: a rich tradition and a real tension;
  • What can churches give grants for?
  • What should trustees consider before making a grant?
  • What might reasonably be considered to further a church's charitable purposes?
  • What might 'due diligence' look like for churches looking to make grants?
  • When is it right for churches to 'ring-fence' a grant for a particular purpose?
  • What further actions should trustees consider after a grant is made?

Updated February 2024


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