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Evangelism, Worldwide - Claire Louise Smart


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Claire Louise is a missionary evangelist from England who is called to the most unreached and darkest places on the earth. Claire Louise is called to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is also committed to raising up healthy missionaries who have an intimate loving relationship with the Lord, and who live with tenacious faith and steadfastness to take the Gospel wherever He sends them! 

Claire Louise has been preaching the Gospel for over a decade and has been a missionary for the last five years mostly to Indigenous Australians, Africa and the USA. She has personally led thousands to Jesus through preaching the Gospel both one-on-one and through crusade evangelism. She has helped to organise mass gospel campaigns where through combined efforts has seen hundreds of thousands say 'yes' to Jesus! She has also trained and equipped hundreds of missionaries and evangelists mostly in Tanzania and Australia.

Claire Louise has a heart for many nations, and is currently situated in the USA!

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