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Youth For Christ Lebanon


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Youth for Christ was founded in Lebanon in 1963, aiming to reach every young person with the Gospel.

YFCL operates under 7 different departments, sharing the same vision.

We work out of 4 centers, 2 in the densely populated area of Burj Hammoud (the Manara Youth Center/MYC & the Vocational Training Program/VTP) and 2 east of the capital in the Bekaa valley (Axis Youth Center/AYC & Youth At-Risk Ministry/YAR).

Through this holistic approach, we care for the young person as a whole and build trust allowing us to share Christ through words and deeds.

MYC: a drop-in center providing youth with access to intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual development.

VTP: a vocational training in a young person’s skill of choice complemented with life skills and English classes.

AYC: a haven for the youth to grow academically, socially, and psychologically, as well as hear the saving message of the Gospel.

YAR: a sports training for boys, a sewing class for girls and refugee tent visits.

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